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      Optimize Your Water/Wastewater Systems

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      Facing The Challenge
      Few operations face tougher requirements or more demanding circumstances than modern water and wastewater treatment plants. Procurement efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, equipment optimization are just a few, and all the while you need to maintain cost containment.
      • Solutions

        Our comprehensive integrated solutions enable a water or wastewater plant utility owner to achieve the maximum return from an existing capital investment. From pumping stations to complex treatment works, we provide customized solutions that render performance enhancements and operational efficiencies.
      • Value Proposition

        Our solutions generate up to 60% in energy and turnkey design cost savings, that offer cost containment, procurement efficiency and equitable end user rates – and even better they qualify as green solutions, aiding in the reduction of carbon footprint.
      • Differentiation

        With our performance contracting, you can use energy savings to fund major capital improvements, enabling initiatives that meet your biggest goals. Sound too good to be true? We guarantee it. In the unlikely even the project doesn’t generate the savings we forecast, we’ll write you a check for the difference. Your return on investment is assured.


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        Guaranteed process optimization and energy savings
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        Seamless solution integration into existing infrastructure
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        Long-term sustainability and operational efficiencies