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      Southeast Region

      Helping to reinvest nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in schools and communities


    Your Vision is Within Reach

    Progressive leaders across the Southeast are turning their big ambitions into reality with capital recovery and reinvestment projects.

    Our team will align with your goals to become your trusted partner, working to capture new funding opportunities and modernize with innovative technologies.

    We can help you redirect money sunk on utility costs and reinvest those dollars back into the infrastructure of schools and modernization of communities; all leading to the achievement of your goals and vision.

    Innovative Schools and Campuses

    From Pre-K to higher education, every educator strives to give their students the very best. These progressive leaders are leveraging energy and operational efficiencies to create 21st century learning environments and offer new STEM experiences.

    Renewing Communities and Maximizing Utilities

    With the culture shift toward sustainability in full swing and an emphasis on STEM programs in schools and universities, we believe an energy efficiency project can be about so much more than saving energy. We are proud to offer a variety of interactive, educational student engagement programs aimed at these initiatives.
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      Florida City Optimizes Water/Wastewater to Prepare for Growth This city found a sustainable solution through a partnership with our Water/Waste Water specialists that will improve the city’s waste water treatment processes, reduce operating costs and expand economic development opportunities. > Read case study
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      County Renovates Historic Courthouse and Addresses Deferred Maintenance Historic buildings represents a particular challenge that many municipalities simply aren’t prepared to address. Officials in Elmore County, AL found a solution that brings the historic courthouse into the 21st century while helping offset costs with large, municipality-wide energy efficiency project. > Read Blog
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    We are taking the next step in our evolution, bringing innovation and new technology to our schools through an energy efficiency project with Schneider Electric.” – Georgia Superintendent
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    City of Tupelo

    “We found a solution with Schneider Electric that allowed us to reinvest in our city, modernize our infrastructure, and capture new sports tourism opportunities.“ – Mayor of Tupelo, Mississippi
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    Together, We Can Do Everything

    A comprehensive capital recovery and reinvestment program combines key aspects of your operations into one cohesive solution. We help you innovate facilities and technology, generate revenue, improve sustainability and prepare for growth. Program Overview