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      Energy Performance Services



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    Providing More Value for Our Customers
    Historically, Schneider Electric has focused on selling products, software and solutions that give customers the ability to make their energy use more efficient, reliable and green – in many cases, it’s a self-service model. But with energy management becoming increasingly complex, as well as a higher business priority, customers are telling us that it’s getting increasingly difficult to go it alone, citing the following as key barriers:
    Lack of time, resources, and/or knowledge Competing priorities for the continual focus required to deliver results Energy savings deteriorating over time or not achieving clients goals Identification and prioritisation of energy efficiency opportunity is difficult
    • Solutions

      Our energy experts will help you assess your entire enterprise to understand where you are starting from and work with you to achieve your energy goals.
      Connect & Challenge
      These periodic core energy health checks are designed to evaluate your existing metering, automation and/or power quality systems and provide actionable recommendations to enable you to maximize your performance.
      Care & Commit
      Let our experts monitor and fine-tune your systems to maximize energy savings, efficiency, and reliability. Choose from remote and onsite solutions to ensure sustained results. A variety of funding options and service guarantees are available.
    • Value Proposition

      For 20 years, our Energy Performance Services team has been focused on supporting energy management, optimization, and sustainable performance for our clients. Our offerings cover the breadth of energy performance needs, from ensuring data accuracy to investigating areas for improvement and delivering maximum optimization. We'll work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs.
    • Differentiation

      Bringing clarity to energy complexities Delivering clear, prioritised action plans Having a single point of contact: Client Energy Partner
      Surety of Performance
      Acting with disciplined expertise Living up to financial commitment Delivering continuous results
      Working towards transparency and knowledge transfer Putting client’s mission first Willing to take a risk for the relationship
      Focused on Energy
      Performance Optimization Management
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    Supporting Software Solutions

    • Energy Management & Sustainability Software
    Technology solutions to collect and monitor facility or enterprise wide energy and sustainability data for reporting and analysis.


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      Increased, sustainable ROI & ongoing quantifiable cost reduction
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      Increased reliability and efficiency
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      Deeper understanding of your facility & clear connection between action and results