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      Performance Contracting

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      Energy management is becoming immensely complex and budget is scarce
      Organizations are facing rising commodity prices, changing regulations, new consumer demands, climate changes and increased pressure from investors, customers and community. On top of that, it seems there’s never enough time, money or expertise to make the big strides you envision. In both public and private arenas, you are facing daunting challenges.
      • Solutions

        We provide comprehensive, budget-neutral ways to reduce energy expenses while improving the performance of your facilities. Our experts often recommend one, several or all of the following areas of opportunity:

        • Maximize energy and utility efficiency measures
        • Modernize technology and improve communications
        • Update neglected, aging facilities and systems
        • Educate and change behaviors that impact your budget and environment
        • Track key performance metrics such as resource consumption and GHG emissions
        • Employ water conservation techniques
        • Invest in renewable energy
      • Value Proposition

        We will guide you through key issues impacting your city, business or organization, and lead you to maximum return on your capital investments. Our expertise is focused on helping you uncover hidden revenue that can be used to:
        • Generate more funds for capital improvements
        • Minimize overall debt impact
        • Identify opportunities for operational and infrastructure efficiencies
        • Achieve sustainability goals
        • Realize your vision of the future
        With our performance contracting, you can use energy savings to fund major capital improvements, enabling initiatives that meet your biggest goals. Furthermore, we guarantee it. In the unlikely event the project doesn’t generate the savings we forecast, we’ll write you a check for the difference. Your return on investment is assured.
      • Differentiation

        With a wide array of experience, expertise and strategic alliances, we can help you meet the operational demands of today while making the advances that make a real difference for tomorrow.
        We have the ability to deliver a complete end-to-end solution from establishing the energy strategy, through to delivery and follow up of your projects. Our consistent global coverage allows us to provide the same signature experience everywhere you go.
        We can guide you through the entire process in an open and straight forward way so you can benefit from our expert knowledge on the current and future cost implications of your project.
        We can tailor the contract that is right for you from our best-in-class and extensive portfolio of solutions and services.
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      Accelerate Your Organization

      Understanding the markets we serve is critical to develop solutions that exceed expectations. Schneider Electric experts provide insight and intelligence into capital savings, reinvestment strategies, energy and operational efficiency, assessing where you are and where you can accelerate your organization. This collaborative, holistic approach is led by an energy manager with deep market knowledge and access to a broad Schneider Electric global team. From smart cities to energy efficient water and wastewater facilities to campus upgrades, your Schneider Electric team provides you with all the tools needed to design, manage and sustain your operation in a way that helps contribute to your core mission.
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        Quickly modernize the technology in your facility
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        Maximize energy and utility efficiency, and plan for future use
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        Tap into new funding and invest little or nothing upfront with revenue guarantees