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      Efficiency Planning

      Enabling immediate energy cost savings through low or no-cost projects and capital-intensive project guidance

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      Limited Budget and Time Requires Intentional Efficiency Project Planning.
      You don’t have a large budget available to make energy efficiency improvements in your facilities. Furthermore, projects must be prioritized and analyzed before allocating both dollars and time. You need a way to identify specific energy reduction projects and collaborate easily, cost-effectively and quickly.
      • Solutions

        Whether your goal is to become more sustainable, use less resources (including energy, waste, water, fuel), buy energy more effectively or all of the above, Schneider Electric is the only partner that can help you with everything that you need. As part of the strategic planning process, you will be assigned a Schneider Electric single point of contact. Together with you and the appropriate Schneider Electric team members, we will identify your goals, energy risk tolerances, action plans and schedules for your program during the rollout campaign.
      • Value Proposition

        • Through our customizable EnergySTEP process, our goal is to deliver the right level of service to meet your needs. We can include low-cost, no-cost and capital project identification, on-going energy monitoring services, and energy project implementation.
        • In the Collaborate Action Plan (CAP) approach, Schneider Electric engineers work collaboratively with 4-12 of your facilities over approximately 16 weeks to identify and develop energy reduction projects. This approach combines training and visibility to drive energy efficiency at all levels of your organization,
        • Within our Model Site Action Plan (MAP) approach, our team will identify energy savings projects at a small group of your facilities (usually 4-6) and help you determine how to leverage the identified energy projects across the rest of your portfolio in any geographic location.
      • Differentiation

        • The collaborative nature of efficiency planning with Schneider Electric is an interactive approach to energy management. We are not simply providing an energy audit, but a process that encourages ownership of projects and enables projects to reach completion and deliver results.
        • Schneider Electric engineers listen to your energy efficiency and management goals and theoretical ideas about what you want to accomplish and transform them into actionable plans to achieve your goals.
        • We have the tools and experience to become your energy management partner from idea, to implementation, to ongoing monitoring and maintenance of energy efficiency. 
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      Efficiency Planning

      Whether you have an experienced internal team who needs a little assistance identifying where to start or have limited on-site capabilities to identify efficiency savings opportunities, the Schneider Electric team is here for you. We can help you kick start an overall efficiency program, build interest in energy efficiency within your organization, and identify specific projects to reduce energy consumption.
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        Reduce your energy consumption by 5-10%.
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        See common projects and behavior-based opportunities across your entire facility portfolio and learn from your colleagues’ successes.
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        Identify cost savings opportunities that are many times the fee for our service.
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        Enjoy a typical capital-project payback period of 3 years or less.
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        Learn how energy efficiency is the simplest, most affordable and most effective method of driving cost savings in your facilities.
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        Achieve immediate and real cost savings through the implementation of low-cost projects and plan capital projects for the future.