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      Water and Waste Consulting

      We don’t just provide energy consulting. In deregulated markets, our water experts offer independent advice and negotiate purchases on your behalf, analyze and verify supplier invoices and provide strategies to reduce consumption.

    Commodity strategies need more than energy consulting

    With so much emphasis on energy, water and waste are arguably the most widely misunderstood of all of the commodities. Often overlooked, they should be an integral component of a well-rounded, strategic commodity program.

    We extend consulting beyond energy

    By continuously focusing on water, you can make a tangible contribution towards optimizing your bottom line costs. Like water, waste represents a commodity where charging structures and sustainability reporting obligations add complexity and demand greater resources from consumers.

    Your energy management strategy, water and waste included

    Strategy Development
    Our water and waste experts start with a baseline assessment along with a contract review in order to develop a customized procurement roadmap with clear targets. 

    Invoice Tracking & Validation
    We analyze your water and waste data, review invoices and implement variance testing to ensure you’re charged correctly.

    Water Procurement
    We secure the best water purchase agreement for you by offering independent market advice and negotiate terms to match your requirements. 

    Waste Procurement
    Our commodity experts will pre-qualify various waste service providers on your behalf, manage your procurement strategy and ongoing contracts.

    Achieve waste and water cost savings

    Boardrooms around the world are beginning to widen their utility focus from only energy management and introduce sustainable water and waste operations across their business for a comprehensive sustainability strategy. When you shift your focus to water and waste and understand your financial and societal obligations, you can begin to leverage these resources as an asset and means to control, and then reduce, costs.

    • Discover Energy and Sustainability Services

      Today, energy procurement, efficiency, and sustainability strategy interconnect as never before. Your organization’s programs can combine to deliver a clear path forward for business growth. Take a look at Schneider Electric’s solutions to meet your unique challenges.

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    • Future of energy management

      As energy-related concerns grow, leading companies are changing how they buy, sell, use and track electricity, natural gas and other resources.

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      Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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      Our global energy consulting experts are ready to assist you in building a comprehensive procurement strategy today.
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