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    Energy Budget Development

    Effective energy budgets look over the horizon to account for variables that could influence your total energy spend: market volatility, rate increases, and changes within your operations.

Forecasting spend for the corporate energy buyer

Many energy cost drivers can be unpredictable. That’s why some energy buyers forecast their energy budget needs by simply applying an arbitrary percentage increase over the previous year. The most accurate budgets address each factor that affects the overall energy spend and projects each impact specifically during the budgeting process.

We examine the past to see your future energy spend

Schneider Electric’s energy management consultants look at the past to help you prepare for the future. We use a proprietary energy price forecasting model to study how primary factors will affect energy costs across your portfolio. As we build that intelligence into site-level energy budgets, we also create a single, enterprise-wide budget, a critical component for any corporate energy buyer.

Your cost and our analysis driven by data

> Current energy contracts
> Fixed market positions
> Historical consumption data

> Anticipated rate increases
> Operational and facility changes
> Projected consumption data

Achieve an accurate and reliable energy budget

When your energy budget is backed by historical operational data, you can be sure it’s reliable. A comprehensive energy budget with Schneider Electric will help any energy procurement team plan for energy costs by giving employees throughout your organization access to site-level and enterprise-wide budgets online through Resource Advisor, our award-winning energy and sustainability software.

  • Claim energy rebates

    Unclaimed energy rebates and other incentives are opportunities missed and dollars lost. Read on for more information on how to capture energy savings you might be missing.

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  • Retailers save with rate analysis

    See how to use our utility rate analysis expertise to drive energy savings through rate optimization for your commercial businesses.

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  • Turning a penalty into a payout

    For large manufacturers, production requirements can shift quickly and leave some companies obligated to volumes of contracted and unused energy.

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    Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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