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      Getting all enterprise facilities on the same page

      Strategic Energy Planning

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      Ensuring Every Decision Supports the Financial and Operational Integrity of Every Building

      The success of your energy and sustainability program relies heavily on a strategic foundation. However, you might find it challenging to formulate a strategy that incorporates the distinct perspectives of multiple departments and stakeholders within your enterprise.

      • Solutions

        Whether your goal is to become more sustainable, use less resources (including energy, waste, water, fuel), buy energy more effectively or all of the above, Schneider Electric is the only partner that can help you with everything that you need. As part of the strategic planning process, you will be assigned a Schneider Electric single point of contact. Together with you and the appropriate Schneider Electric team members, we will identify your goals, energy risk tolerances, action plans and schedules for your program during the rollout campaign.
      • Value Proposition

        • To enable a strong commodity risk management program, Schneider Electric will help you develop a Risk Profile which will inform the strategic direction of energy purchasing and the recommendations Schneider Electric will make. 
        • Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Exchange will help you develop a clear definition and understanding of your sustainability situation. The exchange will help to identify and evaluate current business risks and opportunities related to sustainability.
      • Differentiation

        • The individuals on each Schneider Electric team are experts in their field of focus, whether it is a particular commodity market, service category or project delivery.
        • We become experts on you and your program objectives to ensure your services and projects are carried out accurately and effectively.
        • We’re creative thinkers and have a passion for developing and implementing sustainable, financially-sound solutions. We simply exist to provide you independent leadership always focused on the best interests of your enterprise.
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      With Schneider Electric’s experience and support, your strategic program will move your organization toward a consensus strategy that enables you to operate in a more sustainable manner, strengthen your competitive edge all while maintaining customer and employee comfort and satisfaction.


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        Be challenged to view energy and sustainability issues strategically, ensuring that all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of every store, warehouse, facility and building.
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        Leverage the Schneider Electric team as an extension of your organizational chart that will provide leadership for your entire energy and sustainability management program.