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    EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for Electrical Contractors

    Cloud software and solutions that let you offer new energy management and maintenance services.

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  • Complete solution for digitized electrical distribution

    Digitization is transforming the way facilities operate today, improving performance and reducing costs. Connect your smart panels with EcoStruxure Facility Expert to gain visibility on all relevant data to operate efficiently and improve your customers' buildings performance.

    As an electrical contractor, you can grow your business and offer new services by delivering the digital advances your customers want.

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From smart electrical panels to smart services

  • Up to 8% savings on operating expenses
  • Up to 10% business continuity for your customers
  • Up to 5% energy bill savings for your customers
  • It's never been easier to manage your panels

    Digital logbook connects you to your electrical assets and your team:

    - Create and associate QR codes with your panels to track your assets for long-term maintenance schedules and task reminders
    - Access documentation and asset log history from assembly to operation
    - Share collaborative information about operations directly from the field
    - Generate activity reports in one click
    - Improve operational efficiency and reduce administrative tasks

  • Your electrical assets at your fingertips 24/7

    Go beyond maintenance to boost building performance, avoid power outages, and prevent asset breakdowns:

    - Monitor the status of all your critical assets and loads
    - Be alerted with actionable data when issues arise
    - Optimize uptime and take action from mobile or tablet, no matter where you are

  • Proactive energy management

    Manage your customers’ energy consumption online:

    - Track their energy use and consumption
    - Manage single and multi-site campuses online
    - Identify consumption zones
    - Track power factors and power demand
    - Be alerted to avoid utility penalties
    - Compare buildings with local energy scales and standards
    - Offer opportunities to improve energy purchases
    - Help customers demonstrate their commitments to sustainability

Facility Expert

EcoStruxure Facility Expert Smart Power

Leverage the latest cloud services and data acquisition technologies of your smart electrical distribution network to gain maximum control over your operations.

Easy single or multi-site application

Whether you manage one or several sites for your customers, EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert enables you to manage maintenance activities, get alerts when issues arise, monitor energy consumption and benchmark energy performance.
  • 1. Track

    - Monitor aggregate consumption
    - Make information available anytime, anywhere
    - Be alerted when issues arise

  • 2. Analyze

    - Monitor all your building's portfolio
    - Review equipment status geographically

  • 3. Audit

    - Understand energy consumption, performance and costs
    - Compare by zone, time period, meters or usage (lighting, heating, etc.) to identify contributors to peak consumption

  • 4. Compare

    - Measure your building to local performance scales and standards
    - Benchmark a site against your best and worst performers

Get to know EcoStruxure Facility Expert Smart Power

The Smart Power license combines the three key domains of building management – energy, operations and maintenance – to give you the features you need to manage your customers' electrical assets.

Operations Subscription Included
QR code creation
Asset status and map localization
Asset log history and reference document library
Maintenance plan and task reminders
Task manager features (e.g. task assignment, notifications)
One-click intervention reports
Collaborative features (e.g. chat, information sharing)
Threshold alarms and status changes
Preconfigured alarms for Schneider Electric assets (Mastrpact, NSX, PowerTag) Custom alarms for 3rd party assets
Data trending on assets (e.g. T°C, running hours, voltage, current)

Energy Subscription Included
Energy consumption monitoring (main, usage, zone, meter)
Power demand and power factor monitoring and alerts
Alerts for over-target energy consumption
Multi-site comparison, consumption aggregation
Energy site performance vs. standard
Energy costs Optional
Monthly scorecards Optional
Energy kiosk Optional

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To make your operations simpler and gain access to energy monitoring tools, experience EcoStruxure Facility Expert today.
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