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    Discover PowerLogic

    Power quality, uptime and efficiency. Protection relays and feeder RTUs - easy, engaging, enabling.


PowerLogic smooths the power supply, protects the network, the installation and the operator by improving the power factor and hence the quality of the power. It also allows for remote control of equipment and the monitoring of its performance and condition in real time.

  • PowerLogic ION Power monitoring and advanced power

    Explore our advanced range of accurate power quality meters, designed to meet the growing demands of your power network.

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  • PowerLogic PM PM8000, PM5000, PM3200, PM2000 power meters

    Gather insightful power and energy data. Reveal and understand complex power-quality conditions. Identify under-performing electrical assets and utilize millisecond time stamping to analyze sequence of events. Identify the root cause with patented disturbance direction detection.

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  • PowerLogic Easergy Relays Protection relays

    IoT connected protection relays, monitoring, and control devices that enable smart energy transformation. Designed to meet strong requirements on reliability and safety with a complete set of protection for HV and MV applications.

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  • PowerLogic Vamp Arc Flash Arc flash detection

    Vamp pioneering arc flash solutions within protection relays use ultra-fast arc flash detection to help improve the safety of your staff and equipment. Ranging from single protection units to multi-zone arc flash systems, they minimize arc time, quickly cutting off the power.

    PowerLogic Vamp Arc Flash

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  • PowerLogic Saitel High-performance substation controller RTUs and gateways

    A solid and powerful platform for data acquisition, communication, automation and IED integration. As a remote terminal unit, bay controller or protocol converter, PowerLogic Saitel is the compact solution to countless applications installed in demanding substation environments.

    PowerLogic Saitel

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  • PowerLogic Sage Enhanced network telemetry for Smart Grids

    PowerLogic Sage provides reliable and secure remote data acquisition for Smart Grids with browser-based user interface for easy configuration and setup, IED integration, NERC CIP security, IEC 61131-based logic functions, communications protocols and a custom applications library.

    PowerLogic Sage

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  • PowerLogic Easergy Feeder Automation Feeder RTU T300, FPIs, automatic transfer system

    Designed to reduce the impact of outages, feeder automation RTU range with overhead and underground fault passage indicators offer a solution for power restoration. Our automatic transfer system helps integrate remote control functions of MV switchboard for critical buildings and infrastructures.

    PowerLogic Easergy Feeder Automation

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