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  • Lightning bolt and thunderhead storms over neighborhood homes

    QO and Homeline Generator Ready Split Bus Load Centers

    For manual transfer from utility power to backup generator power.

Square D™ Generator Ready Split Bus Load Centers provide an intuitive and cost effective means for Installers to integrate generators with QO and Homeline Load Centers.

During an outage, the homeowner can manually switch over to generator power, providing power to critical loads.

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Generator Ready Panel Features:

  • > Scalable, generator ready solution – Can be used as a standard panel and configured to accept generator power at a later date
  • > Plug-on Neutral capability saves time and wiring when installing CAFI and Dual Function breakers
  • > Generator breaker can be up-sized or downsized depending on the application
  • > Enables quick and easy manual transfer between utility power and a generator
  • > 200A convertible mains configuration ships with factory installed 200A main breaker
  • > Generator breaker is field installed and ordered separately (60A max)
  • > QO panels provide up to 22 circuits (for non-critical loads), 26 circuits (for backed-up critical loads)
  • > Homeline panels provide up to 14 spaces/27 circuits (for non-critical loads), 22 spaces/42 circuits (for backed-up critical loads)
  • > Flexible arrangement – Generator breaker is purchased separately, enabling proper sizing of the breaker based on the size of the generator