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      Square D™ Home Energy Monitoring System

      Wiser Energy™ System for Installers

      For electricians, home builders, and solar OEMs – provide proof of return to your customers on solar investments.

    Live Wiser: Your Competitive Edge In a Quickly Changing Market

    Adding the Wiser Energy system to every solar installation will empower you to provide proof of return to your customer on their investment, giving them peace of mind. Homeowners can save money by tracking their home’s energy usage and production in real-time, increasing their satisfaction with your hard work.

    • Default Alternative Text The only UL-listed, fully integrated residential energy monitoring system, housed inside load center
    • Default Alternative Text Expandable up to 18 monitored loads, providing more accurate results and data
    • Green lightning icon Easily combine with Square D industry leading electrical systems and home protective devices for an all-in-one solution
    • Default Alternative Text eSetup commissioning app for easy installation, with step-by-step instructions
    • Default Alternative Text Wiser Energy user app with 24/7 real-time customer access, from anywhere via a mobile device
    • Default Alternative Text Square D customer support for the installer and the homeowner

    Wiser Energy eSetup

    • Wiser Energy™ System Mobile app

      Fully dedicated mobile app for installers, available for iOS and Android.

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    • Wiser Energy™ System Tracking

      Keep track of the electrical system and its location.

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    • Wiser Energy™ System Easy setup

      Easy and quick to setup and configure.

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    • Wiser Energy™ System Assign circuits

      Virtually label all circuits and keep track of them.

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    • Wiser Energy™ System System overviews

      Record electrical system architecture and levels of protection.

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      Wiser Energy Packages

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        CSED Package Wiser Energy CSED (Combination Service Entrance Device) delivers a powerful code-compliant, solar ready solution.
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        Load Center Package Wiser Energy Plug-on Neutral Load Centers provide a simple, easy to install, fully compliant and capable energy monitoring system.
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        Retrofit Package Add the Wiser Energy system to an existing installation! The retrofit enclosure option will work with nearly any residential load center; Simple installation and commissioning are still the norm with this option.

      Wiser Energy Package Features

      Features, benefits, and offer specifications of our Square D™ Wiser Energy System packages.
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      Wiser Energy for Installers Brochure

      Add the Square D™ Wiser Energy System to your next project.
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