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      Square D™ Plug-on Neutral Load Centers With Qwik-Grip™

      Pull wires faster and avoid knockouts during rough-in.

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    Qwik-Grip Wire Management System

    Speed up wire installation, simplifying your rough-in

    Contractors can say so long to the frustrating removal of knockouts, installing wire connectors, and blindly pulling wire into a load center. Speed up installation and slide wires from the front with the Qwik-Grip wire management system. With a quick bend of the wire using the wire bend guide on the Qwik-Grip insert, the wire easily slides into the slot. Then, snap on the Qwik-Grip shield to keep the wires behind the router for a secure, code compliant installation. Qwik-Grip, a state of the art wire management system, lets you to move on the next job quicker.

    Speed Up Installation (Qwik-Grip-IC-900x500)

    Qwik-Grip Wire Management System Features and Benefits

    • Eliminates most knockout removal
    • Eliminates most box connectors
    • Speeds up and simplifies rough-ins
    • Great for service upgrades, remodels or just adding a circuit
    • UL Listed, code compliant

    Installation Is Fast and Easy With Qwik-Grip

    Step 1

    Remove the needed Qwiklet tabs


    Step 2

    Slide the wire into the slot


    Step 3

    Snap on the Qwik-Grip shield when all circuits are installed

    • Qwik-Grip™ Wire Management System Plug-on Neutral Load Centers with Qwik-Grip: Get the job done faster. Watch in Spanish
    • Qwik-Grip™ : Do the Math Save time, labor, and materials (AKA: money) with this game-changer. Watch in Spanish
    • Qwik-Grip™ With Captain QO Time-saving Qwik-Grip makes history

      Captain QO and Homeline visit the Museum of Electrical Wonders, sometime in the not-so-distant future...

    • Customer Story: Contractor David Hear why Qwik-Grip beats out traditional installations

      David the Contractor talks about his experience with Qwik-Grip.

      Time Saving Benefits When You Combine Qwik-Grip with Plug-on Neutral Circuit Breakers


      Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

      Combination arc fault circuit interrupters (CAFCIs) provide protection against series and parallel arcs. Arcing is a precursor to many electrical fires. Square D QO CAFCIs help protect people and property from fires caused by electrical arcing. These devices continuously monitor the branch circuit and trip when a potentially dangerous condition is detected.

      Dual Function (CAFCI + GFCI)

      The innovative Square D QO dual function circuit breakers combine two state-of-the-art technologies — Combination Arc Fault and Ground Fault (class A) protection — into one circuit breaker. Dual function circuit interrupters provide a higher level of protection than any other residential circuit breaker. Where installed, these devices protect the entire circuit, not just a part of the circuit like electronic receptacles do.

      TIME SAVER Diagnostics Feature

      Troubleshoot Circuit Issues
      Eliminate the guesswork with TIME SAVER Diagnostics to identify the type of fault that last occurred. The TIME SAVER Diagnostics sequence is simple and easy to use and requires no tools or special training.

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