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    PowerPact B™ Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Watch Excel Ltd., Inc. tell how PowerPact B circuit breakers and accessories fit into their product and service solutions.

    Watch: Excel Ltd. customer story

PowerPact B: Optimized for Your Application

The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker provides economical thermal-magnetic circuit protection in a compact size. It offers unique values to electrical system designers and installers, along with a wide range of accessories, auxiliaries, and lug options.
  • PowerPact B Ratings and Types

    • Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-pole unit mount construction and 1, 2, and 3-pole I-Line™ construction
    • Cost-effective fixed thermal-magnetic trip units from 15-125A up to 600Y/347 Vac
    • Interrupting ratings include: D-18 kA, G-35 kA, and J-65 kA at 480 Vac
    • Unique I-Line construction mounts into Square D™ panelboards and switchboards. Designed to the same 1.5" per pole widths as the legacy F-frame, simplifying substitution without blank fillers
    • Unit mount (aka: lug-lug) construction is 30% smaller in size, with 25% more capacity than the legacy unit-mount F-frame design

    PowerPact B-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers Where to buy
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PowerPact B Molded Case Circuit Breaker Product Brochure

Download the PowerPact B-Frame Circuit Breaker brochure to learn about product features and benefits.
(pdf, 5.1MB)
Download the brochure
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    Commerical Applications

    Includes control panels and industrial machines.

    PowerPact B circuit breakers are made for commercial applications and segments like:

    • Control Panels
    • Commercial Equipment
    • Industrial Machines
    • Electrical Distribution Equipment
    • Buildings & Facilities

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    PowerPact B: A Green Premium Product

    This ecolabel guarantees compliance with the most up-to-date environmental regulations.

    Green Premium is the only label that allows you to effectively develop and promote an environmental policy while preserving your business efficiency. More than 75% of Schneider Electric manufactured products, including PowerPact B, have been awarded the Green Premium ecolabel.

  • EverLink Patented Technology

    PowerPact B-frame devices feature EverLink lugs, a new cable connection method with wire creep-compensating technology built directly into the lug. This standard lug option minimizes loose wiring caused by wire strand deformation, vibration, and shocks.
    The patented design maintains low-resistance connections for continuity of service, even with fine stranded conductors.

    • Reduce the loosening of cables over time using a spring tension design
    • Rated for bare use with fine-stranded conductors up to Class K
    • Available with unique integrated control wire terminals

Easy Unit Mount Construction for Flexibility and Versatility

PowerPact B doesn’t require DIN rail brackets, and can be mounted easily on a grid, on a DIN rail, or directly to a backpan. Unit mount construction features integrated DIN rail mounting, and traditional back pan mounting with screws, offering flexibility for the panel builder.

A hinged front cover allows a wide variety of field-installable accessories such as external operators with NEMA and IEC style rotary mechanisms, door shaft operators, and auxiliary contacts.
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    No More DIN Rail Brackets Speed up your installations. PowerPact B can be mounted easily on a grid, on a DIN rail, or directly to a backpan.
  • Easy Unit Mounting Options See how simply PowerPact B screw mounts to enclosure backpans or clips onto DIN rails - no DIN rail adapter plates needed.
  • Reliable External Operators Operate with confidence

    • A broad offering of NEMA and IEC style rotary operating mechanisms designed to be used as main panel disconnects for control panel applications are available for PowerPact B
    • The new NFPA 79 compliant open door shaft operator works with PowerPact B, H, J and L-frame operating mechanisms up to 600A

    PowerPact B-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers
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PowerPact B for I-Line Panelboards

A screwdriver is all you need to install an I-Line PowerPact B circuit breaker, making installation fast and easy. Circuit breakers ratchet firmly onto the bus stack with captive retaining screws to secure the circuit breaker to the mounting pan.

I-Line PowerPact B circuit breakers can be accessorized in the field, and can be installed in new or existing I-Line panelboards. This makes it easy to upgrade legacy panelboards with modern standards and features.


  • PowerPact B I-Line Accessories Flexible, for quick installation and easy retrofits

    • Save up to 40% of time spent mounting and connecting with I-Line plug-on circuit breakers or the unit-mounted circuit breakers with built-in DIN rail mounting
    • Be ready for last minute project changes with one-click, field-installable electrical accessories! Pre-wired versions available
    • Increase operational efficiency with auxiliary contacts that indicate circuit status for remote monitoring systems
    • Easily retrofit PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers into I-Line panelboards and switchboards with 25% more capacity than legacy F-frame circuit breakers

    PowerPact B-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers
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    Increase Operational Efficiency Increase operational efficiency with auxiliary contacts that indicate circuit status for remote monitoring systems.
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    One-click Accessories Make Last-Minute Changes Easy Accessories can be installed in an assembly shop or onsite as the job progresses and the design evolves PowerPact B online catalog
  • Win More Projects If You Design Electrical Solutions

    Win more projects and deliver the best solution for your customers. Ensure reliable circuit protection and secure connections over time by specifying:

    • I-Line group mounted circuit breakers for best-in-class electrical power distribution applications
    • Benefit from our customer support to help design the best solution for your customers
    • Design for safety of people and property by specifying shunt trip circuits for remote emergency-off operation or under-voltage release coils to protect equipment

  • Optimize Your Solution If You Design and Build Control Panels and Machines

    Optimize your solution with PowerPact B.

    • Get the best combination of size and performance for main and feeder circuit protection 
    • Termination options suit a wide variety of specification and design needs 
    • Benefit from working with a single worldwide supplier of industry leading electrical equipment including Altivar™, Modicon™, Multi 9™, PowerPact™, Square D™, and TeSys™ designs
    • Certified to UL, CSA, NOM, IEC, and CCC standards

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    PowerPact B-Frame Circuit Breaker Catalog

    Download the PowerPact B-Frame Circuit Breaker catalog for detailed product information.
    (pdf, 41.6MB)
    Download the catalog
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