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    Square D™ Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

    Model 6 Motor Control Center Safety

    Protect at every level with dedicated features designed to enhance the level of workplace safety and provide best-in-class reliability.

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Designed With Worker Safety In Mind

Model 6 is the benchmark in safety and reliability. Whether you choose the Model 6 arc flash unit, or a standard unit with selected features designed to improve worker safety, the Model 6 motor control center (MCC) will deliver.

Designed with the smallest footprint on the market, the Model 6 AR (arc resistant) increases safety while offering proven reliability, low maintenance requirements, and additional levels of arc flash prevention and protection. In accordance to IEEE C37.20.7 our unique

Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

The reduced footprint of the Model 6 allows you to use the MCC as a power distribution switchgear in applications where space constraint is critical.

  • Arc Flash Mitigation in MCCs Square D™ Model 6 motor control center safety

    See the latest features designed to reduce or eliminate arc flash incidents.

    Model 6 AR Motor Control Center by Square D™
  • Remote Racking Option For Square D™ motor control centers

    Learn about the remote racking option available for our Model 6 motor control center.

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    Arc Flash Safety Training

    When working on any electrical equipment, proper techniques must be followed to ensure worker safety. From wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), to following safety practices such as lock-out tag-out procedures, it is important to make these practices second nature. Take a class specifically designed for teaching you to operate an MCC following correct safety practices.

    Learn more about: Arc flash protection and safety