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    Square D™ Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

    Model 6 Motor Control Center Innovation

    Innovate at the forefront of change with industry leading technology. Browse new features engineered to facilitate success and increase efficiency.

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Leading the Charge In Innovation

Although Model 6 motor control centers (MCCs) have a legacy of dependability, they’re also known to lead with innovation. With features such as automatic bus shutters and closed door and remote racking, the Model 6 MCC offers best-in-class in features and workmanship.

  • ArcBlok Line Side Arc Isolation Keeping it inside the vault

    Square D brand motor control centers with ArcBlok are a game changer in electrical equipment protection and safety-related work practices. This innovative product is always on to help contain and extinguish arc flash energy on incoming conductors.

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    MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breaker The MasterPact MTZ circuit breaker incorporates communication and Class 1 metering to ensure reliable operation and maintenance. MasterPact MTZ connects your MCC to any building and energy management system. And, you can now use your smart phone as the main HMI to monitor and control MasterPact MTZ, giving you maximum convenience and ease of management.
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    Absence of Voltage Detection Workers must comply with best safety practices when servicing electrical equipment, which includes verifying the absence of voltage. The Panduit feature allows workers to validate the absence of power without having to first open the protective doors, increasing worker safety.
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    3200 Amp Model 6 MCC The 3200 amp Model 6 MCC is built to handle the needs of your larger loads in line with your other MCCs. That includes vertical bus rated at 3200 amps, and the tried-and-true Masterpact NW power circuit breaker.
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    Closed Door Racking (CDR) CDR allows workers to rack out circuit breakers from the vertical bus without opening the door. A remote option enables workers to operate the racking device outside of the arc flash zone.
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    Wonderware SCADA Easily program your supervisory control and data acquisition system, as well as have full access to data and control from a smart device using the Wonderware apps.