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    Square D™ Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

    Model 6 Motor Control Center Design

    Design the best solution to meet your needs.

Unlimited Configurations

Meet customer needs and process requirements for your applications with unlimited ways to configure and order the Model 6 motor control center (MCC). Model 6 innovative features and configurations have been developed to protect equipment and improve human interaction and safety, adding value and peace of mind to your projects. With a wide array of components, the feature-rich Model 6 is the benchmark in safety and reliability.

Motor control centers (MCCs) were first used in the 1950s in auto manufacturing to control the many electric motors used in process lines. Now MCCs are used all over the world, across many applications, such as wastewater treatment and the oil and gas industry.

Model 6 and Power Distribution

The reduced footprint of the Model 6 allows you to use the MCC as a power distribution switchgear in applications where space constraint is critical.

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    Power Distribution Main Connect power to the motor control center with multiple choices for your incoming main units, to allow maximum flexibility for your application.
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    Power Distribution Feeders As flexible as a main, the feeder allows you to use multiple devices to complete your power package.
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    Starters Various starter units are available meet the requirements of simple or complex operations. Each unit is mounted in an individual, isolated compartment.
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    Soft Starters Altistart 48 soft starters in MCCs can provide soft starting (reduced voltage) and deceleration along with machine and motor protection of standard NEMA B-Design 3-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors.

Variable Frequency Drives

Featuring Altivar Process

Use the most advanced and user-friendly variable-speed AC drives and drive systems offering on the market with Altivar Process drives for your motor control center.

Intelligence and Communication

Our iMCCs feature integration of intelligent devices and device-level networks for control and automation that delivers improved performance

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    PLC and I/O Integration

    Factory designed and tested PLC (programmable logic controller) solutions including all inter-wiring of components and testing of control schemes.
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    Device Support for Standard Protocols

    Device support for the fastest and most widely accepted communication protocols, including Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, Modbus and CANOpen.
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    Tested and Validated System Architectures

    Pre-designed communication architectures for multiple communication protocols, tested and validated in Schneider Electric labs for reliability, performance, and interoperability.
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    Intelligent System Start-Up

    Dedicated start-up personnel will visit your site and verify intelligent functionality, serve as an onsite consultant, and provide training on the advanced features of the motor control center.