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      HVL/cb Switchgear

      Compare and contrast medium voltage fixed and withdrawable circuit breaker switchgear.

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      HVL/cb Metal-Enclosed Switchgear with Evolis Vacuum Circuit Breaker

      HVL/cb features a vacuum circuit breaker for speed and overload improvements over fuse protection, reduced incident energy via 3-cycle protection on demand with high reliability, and maintenance disconnect with a 10-year interval, de-energized, grounded approach. Download the brochure
    • Whitepapers

      Moving from withdrawable to fixed circuit breaker switchgear in ANSI medium-voltage applications

      Compare and contrast the features of medium voltage fixed circuit breaker switchgear and existing withdrawable circuit breaker switchgear designs. View the whitepaper
    • Webinars

      Fixed vs. withdrawable: what's the difference?

      Learn tips on how to compare withdrawable vs. fixed/removable applications in medium-voltage equipment. View the webinar

      Increase Reliability & Decrease Cost with the New Generation of MV Switchgear

      Watch the webinar to learn about corona discharge and its effects on reliability, loose joints and how it drives maintenance intervals, and racking draw-out breakers and new alternatives. View the webinar
    • Blogs

      Fixed vacuum breakers: an alternative to withdrawable breakers

      Fixed vacuum breakers were designed because the safety, reliability, and overall total cost of ownership was better than its withdrawable counterpart. Read the blog

      What your switchgear needs and deserves

      Regularly scheduled maintenance extends the life of switchgear, but at some point the decision must be made whether to continue to maintain or replace the switchgear with new equipment. Read the blog

      Upgrade or replace? The aging switchgear dilemma

      Aging switchgear can negatively impact continuity of service in industrial facilities in terms of reliability and financial losses. More importantly, it can affect employee safety. Read the blog
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      Medium voltage distribution & grid automation

      From medium voltage switchgear and arc resistant equipment to energy automation, we deliver specific solutions for data centers, commercial and industrial buildings, water/wastewater, healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, and mining, covering all power distribution needs for energy management. Learn more

      Medium voltage switchgear

      Air insulated switchgear is used in a variety of switching, control, and protective applications. Using vacuum circuit breakers, air insulated switchgear provides highly reliable electrical distribution solutions for all applications. For less critical applications, fusible load interruptor switchgear can be the right choice. Compact footprint and arc-resistant options provide safer access for workers. Inherent arc-resistance and small footprint make gas insulated switchgear an ideal solution for electrical distribution systems rated up to 38kV. Learn more

      Electrical distribution services

      Any brand. Any industry. Any time. Learn more

      Upgrade or replace? Settle the battle

      Weigh your options and the benefits when choosing between upgrading or replacing your electrical equipment. View the infographic

    HVL/cb has been engineered to provide superior protection for your distribution system.

    Discover why HVL/cb is the perfect solution for you.
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