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    Square D™

    Whole Home Surge Protection for Homeowners

    Protect your investments in electronics and appliances.

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Protect Your Investments In Electronics and Appliances

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Surge protective devices can prevent damage to appliances and electronics in your home when there is a temporary voltage spike which can travel throughout your entire electrical, phone, network and or cable system. Square D™ Whole Home Surge Protection blocks the shock caused by surges at the load center, so you can rest assured your electronics are protected.

Why do you need surge protection?

Modern homes have an estimated $15,000 worth of electronics, and may experience up to 100 surges per month that can degrade or damage your electronics, shortening their life.

Smart appliances need protection

From the fridge to the washer/dryer, smart appliances are computers. Surge protection strips only offer limited protection to the devices connected to them. Items that are not compatible with plug strips such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and lighting can be protected with a whole home Surge Protective Device.

What is a surge?

Surges, or “transient voltages” occur when there is a temporary voltage spike which travels throughout your entire electrical, phone, network and or cable system. These can be externally generated (Weather & Utilities) or internally generated from devices inside the home, which is the more common type of surge. And up to 100 of these surges can occur per month!

Why should I care?

Some power surges can present enough strength to immediately contribute to severe damage, if not destroy, electronics. Surges occur regularly, wearing down and shortening the life of electronics and appliances.

How do surge protection devices work?

When a surge protective device senses a transient voltage spike, it uses internal components called Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that act like magnets for the excess voltage, and sends it to the load center’s ground wire, before it can reach your home’s connected electronics.

  • Protect the Home with Square D Whole Home Surge Protection

    Square D™ Whole Home Surge Protection provides advanced appliance and electronics protection from surge damage. When surge protection is installed at the electrical panel, it helps protect all the devices in the home, including those that are not plugged into a surge plug strip (e.g. washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators).

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    How is Square D Different? Square D by Schneider Electric™ offers a variety of compact and affordable surge suppressors. Your selection will provide whole home surge protection for your electronics that may or may not be protected by surge strips. With easy-to-understand LED indicator lights and a connected equipment limited liability warranty, Square D Surge Protective Devices will offer you peace of mind. View brochure
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    Square D Surge Options Square D offers a Whole Home Surge Protective Device to fit your needs and protect your home. Whether you need a device that is installed directly into your house load center, like our Plug-on Neutral options, or a device that will be outside your load center, like our versatile HEPD options, we’ve got you covered. We offer protection that can connect to any brand load center. Compare Square D Surge Protective Devices
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    How to Install Contact your certified electrical contractor to install Square D Whole Home Surge Protection today.
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    • Can I buy it myself and have you install it?
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    Warranty When considering your surge protector, for a complete peace of mind solution, take into consideration the warranty. Some models include a connected equipment coverage. This means that you could be reimbursed up to the warranty limit should your electronics ever become damaged by a power surge. With warranties up to 5 years and $100,000 in connected equipment, Square D gives you peace of mind. Compare Square D Surge Protective Device Warranties