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      Square D™ Dual Function Circuit Breakers

      Advanced Ground Fault and Combination Arc Fault protection in one circuit breaker.

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    Save Time and Money With Advanced Ground Fault and Combination Arc Fault Protection In One Device


    The innovative Square D QO™ and Homeline™ Dual Function Circuit Breakers by Schneider Electric save space and installation time while meeting all code requirements. Available in both standard pigtail and time-saving Plug-on Neutral configurations, these circuit breakers combine two state-of-the-art technologies — Combination Arc Fault and Ground Fault (class A) protection — into one easy-to-install device.

    The new Dual Function circuit breakers reduce time, labor, and eliminate the hassle of using two separate devices to provide critical protection. Find helpful information about dual function circuit breakers whether you’re a contractor, builder, inspector, or homeowner.

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    • Square D™ Dual Function Circuit Breakers: An Industry First! Watch in Spanish
    • Square D™ Homeline™ Load Centers Plug-on Neutral CAFI & Dual Function Circuit Breakers Watch in Spanish

    Dual Function Circuit Breakers are the best solution no matter who you are

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      Homeowners Enjoy highest degree of safety, security and comfort for your family and home.
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      Contractors & Home Builders Finish a job on budget and on time. Make a profit while keeping your customers happy.
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      Inspectors Comply with codes and identify problems, allowing you to pass inspection and avoid callbacks.

    Make Your Job Easier and Reduce Costs

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      Less Parts, Better Protection

      Eliminate the hassle of using two separate devices to provide critical protection.

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      Quick and Easy to Install

      Designed for reliability and easy installation, saving you time and money.

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