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    • What's top-of-mind for O&G executives?

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    Reliable, tested, and integrated Schneider Electric end-to-end midstream solutions can help you improve the management of costs and remote assets.

    Breakthroughs taking place in the Oil & Gas industry are exciting. For example, innovative technologies are allowing deepwater drilling in depths previously unimagined. On the other end of the spectrum, producers of oil and gas find themselves in the middle of regional conflicts, whether they want to be or not. While all this news generates buzz in the mainstream media outlets, an age old technology takes precedence for oil and gas producers who need to get their product to market as soon as possible: the pipeline. This is because for O&G decision-makers, a pipeline that reliably and efficiently operates 24/7 is a beautiful thing.

    Safety top priority, but many other challenges too
    The lifeblood of the O&G industry, pipelines make moving oil and gas products from one location to another possible, which is why it remains the focal point for midstream operators. While pipelines serve a basic function, they can be quite complicated to manage, especially in an age where environmental concerns are top-of-mind for energy consumers all over the world.

    However, due to increasing potential security threats worldwide there are three words O&G decision-makers care about the most when it comes to pipelines: safety, safety, and of course, safety. They aren’t only the ones concerned about safety. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, enhancing pipeline safety is a top US transportation challenge. When you combine safety concerns with increasing demand for oil and gas fuel products and environmental pressures, it’s no wonder why pipeline operators are seeking reliable and efficient management solutions to ensure continuous and safe pipeline operations.

    Of course, there are many other challenges to overcome. For instance, the midstream path, getting oil and gas products to their destinations via pipelines, is paved with numerous obstacles: from increasing regulations to fluctuating market prices to newfound market competition. Bottom line, oil and gas companies need to ensure that their product arrives safely to refineries, ships, and other points. So in order to meet the demands of customers and stakeholders, O&G companies must be able to track and optimize every part of the pipeline process in order to maximize results and performance.

    How to overcome challenges
    Hydrocarbon pipeline operators can overcome the many challenges they face and achieve measurable operational and business results with comprehensive energy management to help ensure secure and safe 24/7 pipeline operations.Automation and advanced control strategies, combined with an integrated pipeline management solution can position pipeline operators favorably to strengthen operations through controllers and informed energy managers.

    One of the keys to overcoming challenges includes real time energy cost monitoring. Quantifying energy costs in real time enables O&G companies to uncover multiple benefits, including optimized operations, streamlined processes and procedures, and enhanced equipment performance. What’s more, operators can more easily make business decisions when they’re armed with real-time data. This allows them to better prepare for regulations, achieve energy efficiency targets in the near- or mid-term, take advantage of power provider rate structure incentives offered to large consumers, and improve shareholder profitability.

    Proven architectures deliver results
    Reliable, tested, and integrated end-to-end midstream solutions can help you improve the management of costs and remote assets. A proven architecture can help you:

    1. Improve business efficiency and financial performance through tightly tying in with enterprise applications.
    2. Ensure safe, reliable pipeline control, and regulatory compliance with pipeline SCADA, simulation, and advanced operational applications.
    3. Reduce downtime, improve uptime and reliability, optimize energy consumption, and eliminate penalties with station control, safety, power distribution, and drive systems.
    4. Achieve greater cost and energy efficiency with integrated process and energy monitoring and measurement, which also delivers OPEX savings.
    5. Boost system availability and uptime with telecommunications, integrated security, and secure power for your infrastructure.
    6. Leverage a defense-focused, in-depth approach to security, compliance, and change management through best-in-class cyber-security solutions.
    7. Support the latest control room management best practices to help ensure increased operational awareness and efficiency.
    8. Use high-fidelity leak detection to anticipate, identify, and resolve potential incidents – a critical element for optimal operational performance and regulatory compliance.

    A trusted partner like Schneider Electric can provide guidance during deployment to reduce risks and ensure a favorable TCO.

    Improve your performance and enhance safety and reliability, while achieving energy savings with Schneider Electric industry-proven pipeline management architecture and solutions.
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