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    • Performance contract to save the city of Houston over $37 million

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    Schneider Electric addressed efficiency, operation, and comfort needs in 26 buildings totaling 2.8 million square feet.

    For years, the city of Houston, Texas, battled the increasing need for building repairs while facing economic uncertainty and job loss. To address these issues, the city administration partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative’s (CCI) Building Retrofit Program in 2008 and explored performance contracting to pay for facility repairs and renovations.

    Guaranteed savings

    Schneider Electric™ was chosen to execute the contract because of its ability to provide proactive, tailored solutions through state-of-the-art equipment and excellent customer service, all while guaranteeing energy savings. Addressing efficiency, operation, and comfort needs in 26 buildings totaling 2.8 million square feet, Schneider Electric project managers provided building systems expertise, collaborating with city employees and CCI representatives to ensure goals were met and facilities were kept operational during the renovations.

    Energy conservation measures implemented include: 

    • Building management system upgrades and recomissioning
    • Chiller plant replacements and redesign 
    • Boiler replacement and upgrade 
    • HVAC replacement and upgrades 
    • Water conservation measures 
    • Lighting and lighting control upgrades
    • Variable volume upgrades 
    • Daylight harvesting 
    • Air handling unit replacements 
    Tangible results

    The performance contract guarantees the city of Houston at least $2,518,417 in operational and energy savings annually. The plan of action provided jobs to local contractors, and internal bond releases and federal stimulus funds made taxpayer funding unnecessary. Since the project was completed in August 2012, city water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions were slashed and system reliability and occupant comfort increased dramatically.

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