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    • Now, avoid storm-related damage to home electronics

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    The Schneider Electric Square D Brand SPD equipment is available for indoor or outdoor installations (SDSB1175C or SDSB1175R)

    The odds of lightning striking your home directly are slim. However, a far away strike near an electrical supply system can be just as destructive to sensitive devices connected to a power outlet. The tens of thousands of volts created by a lightning strike can run along power lines and destroy the inner workings of your sensitive home electronics.

    Think you’re already protected? Think again.You may have already taken steps to protect against lightning, but it may not be enough.

    A lightning rod, for example, will protect your home from fire caused by a direct strike. However, that same lightning rod will not stop damaging surge current carried along power lines from flowing through to every electrical outlet in the house. And you won’t be at home every time a storm passes to disconnect every device from its outlet.

    Surge protection devices: a simple and cost-effective solutionReliable protection of your home’s contents from lightning damage is quick, easy, and affordable. A single surge protection device (SPD) installed in your main electrical panel will protect every electronic device in your house from costly, inconvenient power surges.

    An SPD is the only device that can prevent high surge currents traveling along power lines from damaging your sensitive equipment, giving you the peace of mind that your digitally-stored photos, videos, and important data are safe.

    Power strips: An extra level of protectionPower strips with integrated surge suppression can provide an additional level of equipment protection. Some power strips also offer integrated network surge protection that can prevent surges from traveling through communication cables to televisions, telephones, modems, and computers.

    Useful protection, progressively becoming mandatoryIf you live in a region where lightning occurs frequently, local building codes and home insurance policies may have special requirements for surge protection to be installed in certain situations. You should consult your local electrician and insurance agent to determine if an SPD is mandatory.

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