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    • Machine builders! Discover the four areas where you can gain a competitive edge

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    MachineStruxure the NEXT generation sets new standards for intuitive machine building.

    Designing and building competitive machines and getting them to market fast are constant challenges for machine builders. Schneider Electric™ can help you meet this challenge with MachineStruxure™ the NEXT generation.

    MachineStruxure is a complete machine automation solution with benefits all throughout the machine life cycle that let you to get to market faster and be more competitive. New and highly efficient controllers allow you to keep costs down, and, because you’re connected everywhere, integration and maintenance is much simpler.

    Now, you can:

    1. Reduce time to market
    SoMachine™, the programming environment for all MachineStruxure products and solutions, simplifies every step in the design and commissioning of your machines. Ready-to-use application libraries and function blocks, pre-named symbols, and project templates help you develop your machines in record time, whether they are simple or complex. It’s easy to transfer applications from old to new platforms and save valuable development time, and, what’s more, it’s so intuitive that no training is required.

    2. Increase profitability
    Embedded functionality simply delivers higher profitability. With our new range of controllers you get Ethernet connectivity, multiple communication ports, SD card slots, energy management dashboards, safety, analogue inputs/outputs, and motion control loops – all as standard features.

    3. Improve efficiency
    New flexible and scalable controllers have performance ratings that are the benchmark of the industry. So whether you need logic, drive, HMI, or motion-based control, MachineStruxure delivers perfectly optimized solutions that match any requirement.

    4. Simplify integration and maintenance
    With Ethernet TCP/IP and IP on all control platforms, vertical access to production data and machine status is always at your fingertips. The same holds true for remote access and diagnostics. With wireless access via mobile devices and web protocols like HTTP or FTP, you have unlimited access to your machines from anywhere, and at any time.

    Improve your competitive edge today! For more information on MachineStruxure the NEXT generation, check out our interactive brochure, "Maximize your business and machine performance."
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