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    • Improve your hospital's financial, safety, and operational performance

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    Healthcare facilities can worry less about their energy infrastructure with Schneider Electric Power Solutions and focus more on providing quality care.

    Hospitals around the world are facing increasingly difficult challenges as populations grow and age, energy costs continue to rise, and the amount of power-sensitive equipment increases. You need to maintain, upgrade, and expand your infrastructure to keep up with the demand, all while ensuring a safe and productive environment.

    Schneider Electric™ now offers a complete range of solutions that can optimize every aspect of your electrical power systems and, in turn, help you improve financial performance, operational productivity, and patient safety.

    Uniquely based on tested, validated, and documented reference architectures, these highly scalable and interoperable solutions guarantee that all energy assets, from backup generators to operating theaters, are fully leveraged and function at maximum reliability and minimized cost. Each complementary solution addresses a key activity within your power system, and together they enable holistic analyses and control over every aspect of energy management throughout one or more of your facilities.

    Energy Operation

    Energy-intensive medical equipment, special lighting, and a 24-hour operating schedule all work to drive up your costs. Our Energy Operation solution allows you to monitor every watt that flows through your building, helping you make informed decisions about using energy smarter. You’ll improve your financial performance and meet your sustainability goals by converting energy data into actionable information, using KPI dashboards and reports that help identify energy waste, reduce your energy consumption, and cut costs.

    Secured Power Distribution

    If you’re renovating your facility, you can’t cut power to an entire wing just because you’re updating a few rooms. Secured Power Distribution makes sure that your renovations can take place without interrupting power to other areas and with minimum disruption to staff and patients. Our family of electrical distribution solutions, from low and medium voltage to final distribution, help maximize safety and power availability for every room in your hospital.

    Power Monitoring and Control

    What if you could predict and avoid a potential power outage based on real-time information? Power Monitoring and Control helps you maximize power availability and make informed decisions during a power crisis. It also enables you to prolong asset and equipment life, optimize performance, and keep OpEx costs low over the lifetime of your hospital through proactive maintenance.

    Operating Theater Solution

    If the power fails during surgery, the consequences could be dire. The Operating Theater solution enables monitoring and control of the electrical and environmental parameters, with real-time information being fed through an easy-to-use touch screen display, and supervisory capability from the nurse’s station. This offers an optimal level of safety and comfort for medical personnel who can concentrate on the demands of their job without worrying about a potential power outage. And the solution also ensures a reduced risk of shock to the patient.

    Power Outage Insight

    An electrical failure can literally be the difference between life and death, and result in costly lawsuits. Power Outage Insight is a combination of smart meters, circuit breakers, and communication interfaces working together to keep your lights on and critical equipment running without incident. The system will suggest proactive actions to maintain power availability while also reducing the costs of scheduled maintenance.

    EPSS Testing

    Our Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) Test solution reliably and efficiently automates the entire testing and documentation process. It monitors and controls various elements, removing the need for tedious and sometimes unreliable manual data collection. Testing and regulatory compliance reporting are greatly simplified, while you improve overall patient safety by ensuring reliable back-up power during outages.

    Our EcoStruxure™ architecture helps to bring it all together — building automation, power distribution, IT space, and security systems. We handle all of it, including installation, integration, and maintenance. This way, you can think less about your infrastructure and continue providing the best care for your patients.

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