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    • How to secure simple and reliable 24/7 access to safe electricity

    An site manager is able to monitor a facility on his tablet using Schneider Electric software
    Power Outage Insight Solution gives you the data you can act on in order to achieve a safe, efficient, and productive environment.

    Consistent and highly available power supply is critical for small to mid-size enterprises, such as buildings with IT rooms, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, where power outage can lead to serious data or financial loss due to equipment damage, and in the worst case scenario, the possible loss of lives. Yet, it is customary that the building manager lacks the means to take swift corrective action to restore electricity safely.

    The Power Outage Insight Solution by Schneider Electric™ stands out from other more complex critical power management systems by being safe and easy to operate without the need for round-the-clock electrical experts in the maintenance team.

    Safe, simple, and reliable solution for maximum uptime
    With the combination of a few components, Power Outage Insight Solution acts as a 24/7 in-house electrical expert and supports the personnel in daily operations and emergency situations to maximize access to safe electricity.

    • Just-in-time, just-enough information — In case of a power failure, the software performs real-time diagnostics to quickly identify the source of the problem and provides concise and easy-to-follow power restoration instructions.
    • Personnel safety — Short-circuit testers and wireless breaker closing controls protect the staff during predictive maintenance or power restoration.
    • Cost-effective control — The solution schedules predictive maintenance to minimize unexpected downtime. Web-based interfaces and straight-forward processes save time by enabling shorter mean time to repair. An alarm management system alerts the users through SMS/email messages based on the predetermined criticality level.
    • 100% traceability — Its embedded database keeps track of repairs, maintenance, and network alterations.

    Immediate improvement in uptime
    An integrated solution with no additional software required, Power Outage Insight Solution can be implemented in new sites or retrofitted into existing electrical systems. It brings immediate improvement in power availability and frees you to attend to business development priorities.

    For more information, visit SETV and watch: Power Outage Insight Solutions for Healthcare
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