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    • Discover what professional certification can do for your career

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    Earn career-enhancing certification anytime, anywhere

    Professional certification can distinguish you from your peers — especially in growing fields such as IT and energy management. Often, the lack of convenient, affordable programs can put this valuable career tool beyond reach. Not anymore — thanks to online professional certification from Energy University™ by Schneider Electric™.

    Energy University is an on-demand educational resource offering two cost-effective, online-only certification programs: Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) and Professional Energy Manager (PEM). Each program provides:

    • Solid, marketable credentials
    • Proof of professional achievement
    • Industry credibility

    In addition to preparatory certification learning paths, Energy University offers more than 200 data center and efficiency courses. All courses are free and available on demand, eliminating travel and scheduling challenges. Online certification exams are affordable, and can be completed anytime, enabling ambitious individuals to build resumes and improve on-the-job performance with career-enhancing professional certification.

    Tools for today’s efficiency challenges
    Skilled data center professionals are in high demand. DCCA certification provides foundational knowledge relevant to designing or upgrading the physical data center, including power, cooling, racks, cabling, fire protection, management, and physical security. Plus, certification provides a global standard for determining an individual’s core knowledge of data center design, build, and operations.

    PEM certification enables efficiency-minded professionals to address today’s growing energy concerns, such as cost, availability, and environmental impact. Certified individuals can advocate for efficiency as a means of reducing costs and improving business performance; recommend appropriate solutions; and monitor and sustain efficiency gains.

    A global source for efficiency education
    Already, more than 350,000 users in 165+ countries have completed over half a million courses with Energy University. They know it’s a smart, convenient way to expand skill sets and increase industry knowledge. And now, it’s the best way to earn professional certification, anytime, anywhere.

    Boost your career with certification! Register today and save 10% on your exam fee! (Code: 10% off) Learn more at Energy University.
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