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      Product Spotlight: 22mm Push Buttons

      Learn more about the new Harmony 22mm Push Buttons – The #1 push button supplier in the world just got better with a new and improved line of 22mm push buttons.

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      Product Spotlight: Disconnect Switches

      Learn more about the new TeSys VLS Disconnect Switches – Easy installation with a compact size and a wide variety of accessories.

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      Product Spotlight: Wireless Limit Switches

      Learn more about the new Osisense XCKW Wireless Limit Switch – Wireless technology improves and simplifies installation and maintenance.

      Industrial Automation Special Offers

      Unmatched quality from the global specialist in energy management and automation.

      • Harmony 22mm Push Buttons

        The first push buttons on the market to meet the IP69 level conforming to IEC 60529 standard. Tests now prove that Harmony 22mm push buttons operate at a lower temperature of -40C and have a longer mechanical life of up to 10,000,000 life cycles.

        Learn more about the full Harmony push button line
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      • TeSys VLS Disconnect Switches

        The TeSys VLS offer consist of UL 98 non-fusible disconnect switches from 63 to 125A and UL 508 motor disconnect switches from 16 to 60A.

        Learn more about TeSys VLS Disconnect Switches
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      • Osisense XCKW Wireless Limit Switches

        OsiSense XCKW has been designed with simplicity in mind. It uses a head that is 100% compatible with XCKS and XCKM limit switches to make update to wireless seamless. Like our standard range of limit switches, we guarantee robustness of our products.

        Learn more about Osisense Wireless Limit Switches
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        • Push-Buttons Designed to Help You Keep Costs Down. Harmony, Obviously! How can I save time on my electrical and control panel installation jobs? Discover Harmony push-buttons for faster, simpler installation and maintenance.
        • Discover TeSys VLS Disconnect Switches Overview of Tesys VLS Disconnect Switch features and capabilities.
        • OsiSense XCKW Pairing and Unpairing Tutorial This tutorial, about the OsiSense XCKW, helps you to pair and unpair your limit-switch to a receiver.

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