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    • Machine-safety in factory automation: Major factors affecting adoption

      This whitepaper has been written by IHS to discuss some of the key factors affecting machine safety and its adoption in factory automation. Overcoming some of the hurdles and utilizing some of the drivers is a key to the success of machine-safety across industrial automation. Read more
    • How Embedded Safety Drives and Networked Safety Cut Costs and Boost Productivity?

      Today’s advanced safety technology is not just a means to ensure operator safety but is a way to improve performance. Traditionally, the functions of automated machine safety and control have been kept separate. But technological advances now enable safety functionality to be embedded within automation components such as variable speed drives and servo drives. This paper explains how this simplified, integrated approach — along with networking safety over Ethernet — cuts installation costs, actually enhances operator safety, and reduces the amount of ‘full shutdown’ downtime, thereby improving overall production line performance. Learn more
    • Wireless Technology – Changing the Face of Safety Applications

      Over the past decade wireless technology has increasingly been used in machine safety applications. Today, wireless solutions adhere to stringent safety standards, and new technologies have overcome challenges that have hindered adoption in the past. Together with ensuring operator safety, wireless remote control systems create significant competitive advantage through increased mobility, reduced installation cost and time, and benefits of preventive maintenance. This paper explores how modern wireless implementations can benefit user safety and boost productivity. Learn more
    • Machine safety guide

      This handbook is an attempt to provide information that is up-to-date and unbiased in order to help machine builders and users to provide workers with machines that are safe, legal, and efficient. Learn more
    • Machine safety: Functional Safety & Implementation of the New Machinery Directive

      This paper discusses the changes in standards for the design of safety-related control systems. EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1 both deal with the functional safety of machine control systems, but they use slightly different terms and techniques to determine performance. Further more
    • How to Implement Efficient Safety Management in Product Development

      A critical aspect of product development is to demonstrate that a given product, solution or service is adequately safe before it gets released. How product safety considerations are managed greatly affects project efficiency, scheduling, and cost. This paper proposes a logical management approach for product development safety. Methods for organizing safety-related evidence and arguments are discussed. Learn more
    • Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation & Control Environments

      The barriers to improving cybersecurity remain high. More open and collaborative networks have made systems more vulnerable to attack. With the increased use of commercial off-the-shelf IT solutions in industrial environments, control system availability is vulnerable to malware targeted at commercial systems. Inadequate expertise in industrial IT networks is a sector-wide challenge. This paper explains how Schneider Electric helps its customers adopt the multi-layered Defense-in-Depth approach through a holistic, step-by-step plan to mitigate risk. Learn more
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    Schneider Electric Preventa SISTEMA Library

    Schneider Electric publishes software libraries for its safety components which contain relevant reliability data. This can be imported into SISTEMA Tool and combined, the two eliminate time-consuming consultation of tables and calculation of formulae and the final results can be printed out in a summary document.

    Safety chain solution selector

    Our safety chain solutions are TÜV-certified safety architectures based on the most common safety functions required on and around a machine. They enable you to save time and costs when designing and manufacturing your machine in accordance with the European Machinery Directive. Discover our selector

    Safety chain solutions & Safety functions Catalog

    Preventa solutions for efficient machine safety Safety chain solutions, Safety functions; Download now!

    Preventa safety products catalog

    Preventa offers an extensive range of safety products, compliant with international standards, designed to provide the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment. Download now!
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    • Preventa - Complete Machine Safety Chain Solutions

      See how to achieve easily the right level of safety for your application and discover how to improve your machine safety without compromising production targets.
    • Smart automation solutions for Packaging Machines

      See how to increase efficiency and performance of your machines with Schneider Electric’s solutions for packaging applications.
    • Smart automation Solutions for Material working Machines

      Discover Schneider Electric's complete automation solutions, which help you to quickly design, cost effective and energy efficient material working machines…
    • Smart automation Solutions for hoisting applications

      See how to reduce downtime and minimize maintenance of your crane and hoisting equipment and discover Schneider Electric's tailor-made safety solutions.
    • TeSys Motor Starters Range is Fully IE3 Compliant

      That means safe, highly reliable TeSys products – including contactors, circuit breakers, and thermal relays - help you ensure regulatory compliance as well as energy efficiency.