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    Make your machines even more efficient. Easily.

  • On the road to smart machines. How OEMs can improve the energy efficiency of machines.

    Energy efficiency is a rising global concern. Offering customers ways to save energy will position your company ahead of your competition.

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  • Energy efficiency of machines: the smart choice of motorization

    Industry and infrastructure consume more than 31% of the available energy in the world, and electrical motors alone represent more than 60% of that energy consumption. Designing a more energy-efficient machine creates cost savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

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  • How can gesture-based inputs improve efficiency?

    Multi-touch and gesture-based inputs can increase efficiency and user friendliness in industrial environments

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    Improving the efficiency of machines, resources, and employees

    To maximize their production line efficiency, your customers will focus on their workforce, machine and resource efficiency. From design to operation, maintenance, and support, our future-ready machine solutions help you achieve those challenges by doing more, in less time, and with less waste, so you and your customers can enjoy greater business profitability.