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    • The Industrial Internet of Things: An Evolution to a Smart Manufacturing Enterprise

      The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not about ripping out current automation systems in order to replace them with new ones. This paper analyses how the linkage can be implemented across the complete enterprise value chain in order to enable greater business control. Experts also offer perspectives regarding key aspects of IIoT deployment. Read more
    • Understanding Smart Machines: How they Will Shape the Future

      Powered by smart machines, the new industrial revolution is changing how machine builders design and manufacturers operate today and in the future. This paper explains the impact of smart machines on the industrial automation and controls business and provides guidance for adapting to a changing industrial landscape. Learn more
    • How wireless technologies are reshaping industrial operations

      How is the popularity of wireless technology affecting industrial operations? Find out more
    • IoT - How Connectivity Drives Operational Intelligence

      This paper will provide you with initial guidance for leveraging the potential of IoT in your environment. Further more
    • Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation & Control Environments

      This paper explains how Schneider Electric helps its customers adopt the multi-layered Defense-in-Depth approach through a holistic, step-by-step plan to mitigate risk. Learn more
    • A Quantitative Analysis of the ZigBee Wireless Standard

      ZigBee is a set of ready-to-use wireless technology designed specifically for control and sensor networks. This paper explains how ZigBee works, details different network topologies and practical applications, and offers a quantitative comparison with Bluetooth and WiFi. Learn more
    • Wireless Technology – Changing the Face of Safety Applications

      Together with ensuring operator safety, wireless remote control systems create significant competitive advantage through increased mobility, reduced installation cost and time, and benefits of preventive maintenance. This paper explores how modern wireless implementations can benefit user safety and boost productivity. Learn more
    • Why Industrial Ethernet and how exactly?

      Blogs to better understand why Ethernet is the industrial network for today and tomorrow! Read more
  • Automation solutions for industrial machines

    Discover our automation and control products for industrial machines Download our catalogue!

    Easily identify the right automation architecture

    Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures (TVDAs) are groupings of Schneider Electric best-in-class products providing typical control architectures. The digital engineering tool TVDA finder will help you to design and build more efficient and cost-effective machines in less time. Discover our selector