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    4 Predictions for the Industrial Internet

    Putting physical objects on a connected network is not a new concept. Putting 50 billion of them on one is. Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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    On Demand: Where Cyber Security and Process Safety Meet

    This webinar explores how cyber security and process safety are linked and the avenues of collaboration among these increasingly important disciplines.

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    Virtual Reality helps customer improve operations

    Kuwait Oil Company improves production and operator safety by implementing EYESIM Immersive Virtual Reality technology as part of their worker training program.

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    6 for 2016: Global Energy Market Trends

    Today’s energy landscape is evolving. Learn about key themes that could affect the way energy is purchased and used in 2016.

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    Face the challenges of the Oil & Gas industry with the help of our experts

    How do you translate business objectives into action at the facilities? Especially in light of changing market conditions and regulations. These webinars share information & strategies you can use.
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      Facility Expansion: Key Strategies for Power Systems As facilities plan for growth, there are numerous electrical system design & construction elements that require careful consideration to ensure short-term & long-term project success. This webinar will discuss how to design for equipment maintenance & maintainability and how to incorporate "safety by design" principles into your process. Watch the webinar
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      Safety for Life: Functional Safety for Everyone More than 75 percent of all incidents in the process industry have had some type of human intervention. When conducting risk assessments for safety systems it is very important to take into account the competency of all relevant employees – the people that are building, using and maintaining the systems. This will help you decide what level of information, instruction, training and supervision needs to be provided to ensure functional safety for everyone. Watch the webinar
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      North American vs IEC Standards for Electrical Distribution Equipment – Learn the Differences The North American and IEC standards are both key players in the electrical switchgear platform specifications arena. Because of this, two distinct sets of standards have been established for the industry and it's often unclear where the differences lie. This webinar aims to help clear up any confusion around electrical switchgear platform specifications, and to help users to make smart & informed decisions when choosing their equipment. Watch the webinar
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      OTS101: Operator Training Simulators Skilled operators are imperative to making expensive assets perform in a safe and reliable manner.  Unfortunately, operator error continues to rise as the primary reason for safety incidents & process downtime.  This webinar will show how Operator Training Simulators enhance rapid learning of your complex process and control interactions. In addition, it will discuss how to effectively include simulators in a broader training program and how to justify the investment in building operator competency. Watch the webinar
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      Grounding & Bonding: Essentials for Industrial Power Systems This presentation will discuss the topics of Grounding & Bonding as it relates to worker safety and extending equipment life.  The presentation will examine variables in the design, installation, and maintenance of these systems pursuant to numerous environmental factors, soil conditions, and geographic regions.  Codes and standards applicable to system evaluation & testing will also be reviewed. Watch the webinar