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    4 Predictions for the Industrial Internet

    Putting physical objects on a connected network is not a new concept. Putting 50 billion of them on one is. Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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    World-class Chocolate Manufacturing with a Little Help From Wonderware

    At Orley Foods, the integration of information technology at the business and production levels is helping the company with the mechanics of sustained profitability

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    5 Ways to Maximize Asset Performance with Nestle & Pepsi Bottling

    Learn how to capture and deliver critical equipment efficiency information in real time enabling the manufacturing team to improve plant performance and productivity.

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    Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation & Control Environments

    Learn how Schneider Electric helps its customers adopt the multi-layered Defense-in-Depth approach through a holistic, step-by-step plan to mitigate risk.

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    Face the challenges of the Food & Beverage industry with the help of our experts

    How do you translate business objectives into action at the facilities? Especially in light of changing market conditions and regulations. These webinars share information & strategies you can use.
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      Cybersecurity in the Age of the Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity is allowing greater flexibility, functionality and insight into your business.  But, it also opens your business up to potential cyber-threats.  Learn how you can take advantage of innovation, while mitigating potential risks to your physical and intellectual property.   This webinar will explore why cybersecurity is important, how IT and OT can collaborate for success , and why your solutions should be cyber-secure from concept to delivery. Watch the webinar
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      Learn secrets of enterprise manufacturing intelligence Manufacturing companies use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure levels of business efficiency and make intelligent decisions. This presentation will examine how companies combine top-down KPIs with bottom-up data points to quickly create actionable information. We’ll explain how to aggregate and publish all manufacturing data, analyze historical and current data, visualize context-specific supply chain dashboards, and bridge enterprise and operations data warehouses. Watch the webinar
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      Continuous Improvement in Packaging – featuring Rich Products Business strategy planning and execution requires a comprehensive understanding of the process needed to achieve sustainable results. This session covers change management actions and the enabling technology that helps one company achieve their business goals. Presented by Jim Whalen, Director at Rich Products Corporation. Watch the webinar