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    Quickly learn about how Schneider Electric can address the needs of utilities, read customer success stories, and access product information to help solve your problems.

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    Building a Smarter Grid in Boulder, Colorado

    When the citizens of Boulder, Colorado voted to explore the benefits of municipalizing their electric grid, city experts turned to Schneider Electric for help building a roadmap to the utility of the future.

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    Geospatial Trends and Opportunities in the Utilities Industry

    Learn how new challenges from climate change to aging workforce faced by the utilities industry can be managed by new technologies. This presentation discusses how to take geospatial information beyond GIS.

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    Challenges Facing Utilities

    How Southern Company predicts equipment failure and reduces downtime.

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    Face the challenges of the energy industry by the hand of our experts.

    Not only do demand response and microgrids let consumers actively participate in energy markets, but utilities need smart grid solutions that interconnect all market players to balance and manage a network's supply and demand complexity.

    Let us help you with this transformation.
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      Trends in Distribution Automation The Trends of Distribution Automation webcast will discuss the evolving feeder found across the U.S. today with the integration of more and more automation for switching and power management. By attending this webcast, you will walk away with an understanding of how our distribution system is evolving, the drivers of that evolution, and the technical and operating scenarios being introduced to support it. Watch the webinar
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      The Impact of Distributed Generation on Microgrids There are a number of drivers that are accelerating the need for improved visibility and the need for control and coordination of more distributed energy resources (DER). This presentation will examine the power of common control between the utility distribution control center and distributed microgrid and DER controls to harmonize and optimize grid operations. Watch the webinar
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      Equipment Methods for Arc Flash An arc flash event can be initiated either by equipment failure or human error. The most prevalent cause is human error. This webinar will discuss four methods of Active and Passive Arc Flash Mitigation using Virtual Mains (Active), Arc Resistant Switchgear (Passive), Arc Terminator (Active) and Vamp relaying (Active). These various methods will provide a safer, cost effective and reliable power system. Watch the webinar
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      Data Management & Predictive Analytics for Online Asset Health Monitoring The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) creates opportunities for organizations to leverage data and technology to better understand the health and performance of their assets and predict problems before they occur. Download this webinar to learn how to maximize economic return on assets with comprehensive enterprise data management and predictive analytics, including sample benefits achieved. Watch the webinar
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      Grid Refinforcement Through Cyber Security Cyber threats to the energy industry remain high. With growing cyber security concerns, how can you balance those investments for today and tomorrow? Watch the webinar
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      Energy Efficiency Advisor Tool Utilities have implemented behavior based energy efficiency programs across Canada and United States and are seeing about 2% savings. Learn how Schneider Electric is helping utilities engage their customers in a meaningful way to deepen energy savings from behavior as well as traditional energy efficiency programs. Watch the webinar