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      4 Predictions for the Industrial Internet

      Putting physical objects on a connected network is not a new concept. Putting 50 billion of them on one is. Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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      The story behind The Edge, the world’s most sustainable building

      This net zero energy building uses IoT connectivity to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

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      Schneider Electric rises to 10th place in the Newsweek Global Green Ranking 2016

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    • Cyber security

      Cybersecurity in the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

      Learn how to mitigating risks to your physical and intellectual property in this age of increased connectivity.

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          FAQs: The Dangers of Aging Electrical Equipment

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          5 Keys to selecting a UPS for Industrial Applications

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          4 Types of commercial solar applications

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        Practical options for deploying small server rooms and micro data centers

        Small server rooms are typically unorganized, unsecured, unmonitored, hot, and space constrained. These conditions can lead to system downtime. This paper provides a list of effective methods to improve the availability & operation of small server rooms. It focuses on spaces with up to 10kW of IT load and will discuss realistic improvements to power, cooling, racks, physical security, monitoring, and lighting. Read more

        The Impact of Power Management on Building Performance and Energy Costs

        Power quality and energy consumption are closely linked to overall building performance. Yet building managers often focus more on mechanical equipment operations. However, power problems are responsible for more than half of equipment downtime in most buildings. This paper reviews how adding power management to BMS capabilities can reduce energy costs and improve building performance while also enhancing occupant comfort. Read more

        Switchgear Survival Guide: Ten Tips to Optimize Switchgear and Enhance Reliability

        Switchgear often fails because it has degraded into unsatisfactory condition prematurely. Performing proper maintenance can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and extend the useful life of electrical equipment. This paper presents 10 practical tips to optimize the performance and therefore enhance the reliability of electrical switchgear equipment. Read more

        Single-Phase UPS Management & Maintenance

        Few single-phase UPS owners realize there is more to the UPS than just battery back-up. Many of the factors that affect battery life also impact the longevity of the unit's electronics. This whitepaper provides some simple preventative maintenance steps & operating guidelines that will help you maximize UPS life & availability. Read more

        Digital Remote Monitoring and How it Changes Data Center Operations and Maintenance

        Today’s data center power and cooling infrastructure has roughly 3 times more data points & notifications than it did 10 years ago. Traditional data center remote monitoring services have been available for over 10 years but were not designed to support this amount of data monitoring and the associated alarms, let alone extract value from the data. This paper explains how seven trends are defining monitoring service requirements and how this will lead to improvements in data center operations and maintenance. Read more