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    Refresh UPS & Cooling Systems Services

    Nostalgia has its place… just not in your data center. Mrs. Jones loves her place in the 90s but needs to boost availability and maximize her investment. See how our Refresh UPS service helps achieve that.

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  • Modernize or Outsource?

    What can you do to renew your data center physical infrastructure? Learn about assessment and improvement in our e-book: "Modernize or Outsource: Evaluating Your Data Center Options."

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A turnkey solution for your aging UPS & cooling systems

Our Refresh UPS and Cooling System service replaces nostalgia with complete peace of mind.
It ensures that you are maintaining your critical infrastructure and cooling to support your changing needs, while maximizing your ROI. For Mrs. Jones, our experienced experts provide the best path to a fully modern and reliable system - discover what they can do for you!


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    Minimized downtime risks
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    Optimized total cost of ownership with a more energy-efficient solution
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    Expertise in building a tailored solution to meet your requirements and budget constraints
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    Secure reliability and an extended support life of your system for the years to come
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    Reduced maintenance and service costs, and higher efficiencies over equipment lifetime
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    Seamless installation performed by our certified technicians

What does the Refresh UPS service include?

  • Assessment

    • Old system and installation assessment, evaluation of current needs & new solution recommendations
  • A new solution

    • Overall replacement solution with the latest and most adapted UPS, including advanced operational and diagnostic features, with the best efficiency performance
  • Installation and startup

    • Unit startup by a certified Schneider Electric engineer 
    • Basic operator training for key staff during startup on the chosen solution 
    • Electrical Installation of new solution (optional)
  • Comprehensive service

    • Comprehensive system support, including parts, labor, and next business day response time
    • Access to Schneider latest Remote Monitoring services and phone technical support
  • Environmentally compliant removal/disposal

    • Packaging of obsolete equipment on site 
    • Disposal and recycling of removed equipment 
    • Green disposal
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StruxureOn™ monitors your critical equipment and delivers 24/7 visibility with smart alarms, remote troubleshooting and live, data-driven insights for maximum reliability, performance and peace of mind.

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