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      Insights on the connected enterprise

      Facilitating project execution in the connected enterprise


      How the new generation of IIoT-ready controllers shorten time-to-value

      Operational agility has always been important, but in an environment in which new connectivity pathways are emerging every day, it will be all but essential for survival. In addition to streamlining production operations, modern controllers contribute by enabling the localized control capability that enables faster response to changing market requirements and pressures.

      By shortening the time it takes to adapt processes, they can help users take advantage of new business opportunities, expand operations, and even implement automation on greenfield projects.

      …comprehensive libraries of preprogrammed software for many
      common applications can greatly speed project time and substantially
      cut costs..

      To be truly of service, and help today’s application designer take full advantage of the opportunities awaiting within the IIoT, a controller should have at least the following characteristics:

      • The power and bandwidth to handling increasingly complex production and
      analytical calculations and higher speeds

      • The Ethernet connectivity necessary to integration of production data with
      operational, financial, supply chain and other enterprise data

      • The built-in cybersecurity protection necessary to enable the benefits of open
      integration with less risk of cyber protection


      The Modicon M580 Ethernet-enabled
      programmable automation controller (ePAC)
      platform from Schneider Electric possesses
      industry-leading processing and memory,
      as well as stronger embedded cybersecurity. 

      Project engineers using such modern, IIoT ready controllers within open programming environments can integrate them with the rest of the enterprise via open backplane and the Ethernet connectivity, In this way, instead of deploying a team of programmers to write custom code for each new installation or processing line, these modern engineering environments offer comprehensive libraries of preprogrammed software for many common applications. This can greatly speed project time and substantially cut costs.

      To help companies take full advantage of these opportunities, systems integrators around the globe are gearing up to apply modern IIoT ready-controllers and advanced engineering environments. Also, automation vendors such as Schneider Electric have expertise in applying their technologies in numerous industries to gain competitive advantage by integrating new and legacy technologies to get new projects (brownfield) modernization or greenfield) up, running, and making money much sooner

      For example, using IIoT-ready controllers can reduce time to market by 25% cutting up to three weeks from a typical three-month automation project. Assuming 120 production hours, at US$20,000 per hour, a plant can typically save more than US$2 million of extra production at launch.

      And best of all, once deployed, these installations will be easier to modify, easier to scale, easier to maintain, and protected from cyber intrusion

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