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    The Silent Heroes

    "We're the guys that keep the lights on, keep the hospital safe."

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  • There are many challenges in building and operating a world class children’s hospital. As the Director of Facilities and Operation at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Nelson Roque is concerned about one in particular – providing clean, reliable, consistent energy to his building. Without it, he knows that it will be that much harder for the medical teams to provide live-saving treatments to children in need.



  • • Build a world class, state of the art hospital that is innovative, reliable, and safe for its patients.
  • • Provide consistent, clean, reliable energy to sensitive hospital equipment in an area notorious for severe weather and power outages.
  • • Allow facility operations staff to provide vital upkeep and maintenance to the hospital to ensure children can receive the best care in a welcoming environment, all while remaining behind the scenes as “The Silent Heroes”.  


  • • Complete integration, connectivity, and communication with intelligent devices throughout  the hospital
  • • Real-time visibility into building operations
  • • Immediate service support and response


  • • Clean and reliable power for full facility uptime
  • • Automated JCAHO and AHCA reporting to ensure the hospital maintains it's accreditation
  • • LEED Gold Facility

Key Facts

  • • 64,000 Square foot building
  • • Nemours treats patients from birth to 18 years old and from all over the world
  • • 3 types of power in the hospital – critical power, equipment power, and convenience power
  • • The emergency generators can provide the whole hospital with power within 10 seconds
  • • The UPS can provide up to 30 minutes of emergency power.