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Schneider Eletric PAS42BB Picture


Schneider Eletric PAS42BB Picture

portal axis PAS B - profile size 60x60 - toothed belt - ball

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  • Main
    Range of product
    Lexium PAS
    Product or component type
    Portal axis
    Product specific application
    For 1 direction
    Load position
    On carriage
    Drive type
    Toothed belt
    Guide type
    Operating position
    Function available
    Different types of carriage adapted to the load
    Different types of sensors for the limit switch function
    Different types of motor mounting
    Protective metal strip
    1 to 3 carriages
    Anti-corrosion version proof enhance
    Anti-static belt
    Operating force
    800 N for Fx
    2810 N for Fy
    2810 N for Fz
    Maximum speed
    16.40 ft/s (5 m/s)
    Maximum acceleration
    164.04 ft/s² (50 m/s²)
    Max. drive torque
    177.01 (20 N.m)
    Max. torque
    <168.16 (19 N.m) for Mx
    <654.95 (74 N.m) for My carriage type 1)
    <1717.04 (194 N.m) for My carriage type 2)
    <3203.97 (362 N.m) for My carriage type 4)
    <654.95 (74 N.m) for Mz carriage type 1)
    <1717.04 (194 N.m) for Mz carriage type 2)
    <3203.97 (362 N.m) for Mz carriage type 4)
    Min. … Max. stroke
    0.35…216.54 in (9…5500 mm)
    Repeat accuracy
    +/- 0.05 mm
    Outer dimension
    60 x 60 mm
    Service life
    30000 km
    Contractual warranty
    18 months
  • Documents

    • English
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    Lexium Cartesian Robots - Portal Axes (Version 1.0)
    User guide
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    PAS4xB Toothed belt axis Product manual (Version 2.05)
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