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ION7550, wDispl, 5MB 256s, 5A 240VAC/300VDC 60Hz - RS+T2 - 8I+3R+4O

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  • Main
    device short name
    product or component type
    Energy and power quality meter
    power quality analysis
    Waveform capture
    Disturbance direction detection
    Compliance monitoring
    Dip and swell, transient
    Harmonic distortion
    Programmablity (logic and math functions)
    Setpoint learning
    Voltage sag and swell detection
    Up to the 63rd harmonic
    device application
    Tariff metering
    Co-generation and IPP monitoring
    Demand and power factor control
    Load curtailment
    Equipment monitoring and control
    Energy pulsing and totalisation
    Instrument transformer correction
    type of measurement
    Apparent power total
    Apparent power per phase
    Active power total
    Active power per phase
    Reactive power total
    Reactive power per phase
    Power factor total
    Power factor per phase
    supply voltage
    85...240 V AC 47...63 Hz
    110...300 V DC
    network frequency
    60 Hz
    Line Rated Current
    5 A
    type of network
    1P + N
    3P + N
    power consumption in VA
    20 VA at 85...240 V AC
    <= 45 VA at 85...240 V DC
    20 VA at 110...300 V
    <= 45 VA at 110...300 V
    display resolution
    320 x 240 pixels QVGA
    display type
    Backlit LCD
    sampling rate
    256 samples/cycle
    measurement current
    0...5 A
    input type
    Current 0.005...20 A 0.002 Ohm
    measurement voltage
    100...600 V AC phase to phase
    57...347 V AC phase to neutral
    frequency measurement range
    42...69 Hz
    number of inputs
    8 digital 120 V DC
    measurement accuracy
    0.2 % energy
    0.1 % current 1...5 A
    0.1 % voltage 57...288 V
    accuracy class
    Class 0.2S energy conforming to IEC 62053-22
    number of outputs
    3 relay
    4 solid state
    communication port protocol
    DNP3 : <= 115.2 kbits/s,
    ION : <= 115.2 kbits/s,
    Modbus : <= 115.2 kbits/s,
    Modbus master
    communication port support
    RS485 terminal block
    RS485/RS232 SUB-D 9
    data recording
    Data logs
    Event logs
    Min/max of instantaneous values
    Sequence of event recording
    Time stamping
    GPS synchronisation
    transmission rate
    300...57600 bauds
    300...115200 bauds
    <= 19200 bauds
    memory capacity
    5 MB
    web services
    Web server
    tamperproof of settings
    Protected by access code
    electromagnetic compatibility
    ● susceptibility to electromagnetic fields, conforming to IEC 61000-4-3
    ● electrical fast transient/burst immunity test, conforming to IEC 61000-4-4
    ● 1.2/50 µs shock waves immunity test, conforming to IEC 61000-4-5
    ● electrostatic discharge, conforming to IEC 61000-4-2
    ● conducted and radiated emissions class B, conforming to CISPR 22
    mounting mode
    mounting support
    Enclosure door
    type of installation
    Indoor installation
    overvoltage category
    IP degree of protection
    IP30 back IEC 60529
    IP50 front face IEC 60529
    relative humidity
    5...95 %
    pollution degree
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -4...158 °F (-20...70 °C)
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40...185 °F (-40...85 °C)
    operating altitude
    0...6561.68 ft (0...2000 m)
    IEC 61010-1
    7.56 in (192 mm)
    6.85 in (174 mm)
    7.56 in (192 mm)
    product weight
    4.19 lb(US) (1.9 kg)
    Offer Sustainability
    Sustainable offer status
    Green Premium product
    RoHS (date code: YYWW)
    Compliant  - since  0801  -  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
    Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
    Product environmental profile
    Product end of life instructions
    California proposition 65
    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    Contractual warranty
    Warranty period
    18 months
  • Documents and Downloads

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    • Russian
    • French
    User guide
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    PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 User guide (Version 08)
    What’s new in PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 firmware v415 (Version 01)
    IEC 61000-4-30 compliance and ION meters -EN (Version 12)
    Add to My Documents
    Dimensions_for_7500_PDF (Version 1.0)
    Date 10/3/03
    Size 438.6 KB
    Dimensions_for_7500 (Version 1.0)
    Date 10/3/05
    Size 2.2 MB
    Add to My Documents
    ION7550-Measurement Canada Certificate (Version 1.0)
    ION7550-EAC Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 3/14/16
    Size 659.6 KB
    ION7550-ECD (Version 1.0)
    Date 4/20/16
    Size 654.2 KB
    ION7550-IEC61850 Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 12/2/10
    Size 2.3 MB
    ION7550-IEC61000-4-30 Certificate (Version 1.0)
    ION7550-CISPR 22 Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 11/19/14
    Size 286.8 KB
    ION7550-EN55022 Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 12/9/14
    Size 230.1 KB
    ION7550-EMC Immunity Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 12/9/14
    Size 281.1 KB
    ION7550-IEC62053-22 IEC62053-21 IEC62053-23 Certificat (Version 1.0)
    ION7550-OFGEM Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 10/26/06
    Size 205.9 KB
    7650_61000-4-30_Ed3_16200649-01b_Certificate (Version 1.0)
    7550_7650_Russia_Metrology_Certificate (Version 1.0)
    7550_7650_Russia_EAC_Certificate (Version 1.0)
    Date 11/14/18
    Size 659.6 KB
    Instruction Sheet
    Add to My Documents
    PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 Installation guide (Version 15)
    PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 Manuel d’installation (Version 15)
    PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 Manual de instalación (Version 15)
    EU RoHS Declaration
    Add to My Documents
    REACh Declaration
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    Firmware - Released
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    ION7650 v375 Firmware (Version 1.0)
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 2.8 MB
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 3.3 MB
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 2.8 MB
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 3.3 MB
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 2.8 MB
    ION7650 v411 Firmware (Version 1.0)
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 2.8 MB
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 3.3 MB
    Date 7/4/18
    Size 3.3 MB
    ION7550 RTU V415 Firmware (Version 1.0)
    Date 5/3/19
    Size 2.9 MB
    Date 5/3/19
    Size 79.9 KB
    ION7650 V415 Firmware (Version 1.0)
    Date 5/3/19
    Size 3.3 MB
    Date 5/3/19
    Size 79.9 KB
    ION7550 V415 Firmware (Version 1.0)
    Date 5/3/19
    Size 3.3 MB
    Date 5/3/19
    Size 79.9 KB
    ION7650 V410 Firmware (Version 410)
    Date 3/6/17
    Size 1.6 MB
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