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    TAC I/A Series

    Enterprise-wide control solutions across industry standard communication platforms

    Building Management System, TAC I/A Series, allows you complete building access, control and monitoring from anywhere in the world.

    TAC I/A Series

    TAC I/A Series

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          The Andover Continuum building management CyberStation Security Workstation is the industry leading security command center. Flexible enough to meet even the most demanding user requirements, CyberStation provides unmatched graphics and information management tools. CyberStation also integrates seamlessly with digital video recorders from Integral Technologies, allowing live video feeds from any camera to be placed in the secured environment.

          CyberStation is built upon a solid foundation, designed and implemented in strict accordance with ASHRAE BACnet standard to facilitate effortless interoperability with third party BACnet systems. CyberStation runs on the Microsoft Windows XP platform, and employs either a Microsoft MSDE or SQL database. Configurations range from a single PC to multiple workstations with a central file server.

          With the optional web.Client package, your BACnet system can be accessed anywhere on your network through a standard browser interface. View graphic displays, modify setpoints, change schedules, view reports, respond to alarms, and manage your building without being pinned down to a dedicated workstation. web.Client functionality can be added to even the smallest existing system with ease, using the same graphic displays, user profiles, and system database as the standard CyberStation.