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    Heavy Duty Safety Switches

    Designed to be tough, reliable and provide exceptional performance in the most grueling conditions.

    Play a crucial role in today’s commercial and industrial settings, isolate power in daily activities, provide an effective way to interrupt power in an emergency, provide lockout on sight disconnect.

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    Heavy Duty Safety Switches

    Heavy Duty Safety Switches

          • Best price
            H2212AWK Picture


            SW FUSIBLE HD 30A NEMA1/60A ENCL

            588.00 USD
          • Best price
            H221A Picture


            SWITCH FUSIBLE HD 240V 30A 2P NEMA12K

            504.00 USD
          • Best price
            H221N Picture


            SWITCH FUSIBLE HD 240V 30A 2P NEMA1

            236.00 USD
          • Best price
            H221NDS Picture


            SW FUSIBLE 240V 30A 2P NEMA4 4X 5 SS/WN

            2180.00 USD
          • Best price
            H221NRB Picture


            SWITCH FUSIBLE HD 240V 30A 2P NEMA3R

            447.00 USD
          • Best price
            H222DS Picture


            SW FUSIBLE 60A 2P NEMA4 4X 5 STAINLESS

            2337.00 USD
          • Best price
            H222N Picture


            SWITCH FUSIBLE HD 240V 60A 2P NEMA1

            471.00 USD
          • Best price
            H222NDS Picture


            SW FUSIBLE 240V 60A 2P NEMA4 4X 5 SS/WN

            2594.00 USD
          • Best price
            H222NRB Picture


            SWITCH FUSIBLE HD 240V 60A 2P NEMA3R

            842.00 USD
          • Best price
            H223A Picture


            SWITCH FUSIBLE HD 240V 100A 2P NEMA12K

            1008.00 USD