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Foxboro's Valve Positioners

Valve Positioners and Accessories

Foxboro Positioners, easy to install, control and monitor on any type of pneumatic valve actuators with the highest diagnostic level. With a complete range of accessories, valves can be fully equipped and your process optimized at its best.

Foxboro's Valve Positioners
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Foxboro's Valve Positioners

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        SRD960 with backlighted LCD
        SRD960 - WirelessHART
        SRD960 - on a rotary actuator
        SRD960 – Intelligent Valve Control – Explosion Proof (Ex d)

        The SRD960 offers the most advanced technology available on the market today. This includes a start-up in two steps only and a multilingual full-text graphic LCD for configuration and operation. These are all available within the various process automation applied communication protocols.

        The SRD960 offers enhanced applications and methods to analyze recorded stroke data. All the diagnostic features can be easily configured and displayed by the Positioner DTM (VALcare). The SRD960 also has the capability to control a Partial Stroke Test that offers operators a tool to identify the trouble-proof function of ESD (Emergency Shut Down) valves.
      • User friendly, menu-driven multilingual full text graphical LCD for local configuration
      • Advanced/Premium Diagnostics for valve Predictive Maintenance/valve signature and on-line friction
      • Easy mounting to all linear and rotary actuators
      • Available in HART, PROFIBUS-PA and FOUNDATION FIELDBUS H1 protocols
      • Suitable for safety applications up to SIL 3
      • Partial Stroke Testing (PST) for emergency shutdown applications
      • Modular concept with Plug and Play options (position feedback, limit switches, DO & DI)
      • Certified Ex d/ XP according to ATEX, FM, CSA, EAC and INMETRO
    • All process industries applications (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Power, ...)
    • All other process industries applications
    • High temperatures & vibrations applications with the Remote Mounting Solution

    Documents and Downloads (25)

    Software - Released
    Positioner LCD Language Files for SRD991/SRD960 (Version 1.0) 1/31/19 English SRDplfRev3_2.zip14.5 KB
    Positioner LCD Language Files for SRD991/SRD960 (Version 1.0) 3/6/19 English SRDplfRev3_3.zip21.5 KB
    Positioner LCD Language Files for SRD991/SRD960 (Version 1.0) 1/31/19 English SRDplfRev3_4.zip29.4 KB
    Positioner LCD Language Files for SRD991/SRD960 (Version 1.0) 1/31/19 English SRDplfRev3_6.zip32.6 KB
    DTM files
    Communication-DTM for SRD991, SRD960, 244LD, 144LD, 144LVD via FoxCom/EDCcom/IRcom (Version 1.0) 1/11/19 English ModemInstall.zip15.4 MB
    GSD files for SRD960 (Version 1.0) 1/14/19 English FD-SOFT-PO-015.zip2.9 KB
    User guide
    SRD960-TXQ POSITION TRANSMITTER EEx dQuick Guide (Version 1.0) 6/8/16 German,  English,  French FD-QG-PO-018-INT.pdf156.5 KB
    CAD drawing of SRD960 in DXF Format (Version 1.0) 3/4/16 English FD-CAD-PO-003.igs35.9 MB
    CAD drawing of SRD960 in STP Format (Version 1.0) 3/4/16 English FD-CAD-PO-001.dxf733.5 KB
    Specification guide
    Fiche Technique SRD960 FR (Version 1.0) 4/10/17 French FD-PSS-PO-01-FR.pdf761.6 KB
    Product Specification Sheet SRD960 EN (Version 2.0) 8/15/18 English FD-PSS-PO-01-EN.pdf925.7 KB
    SIL3 Certificate SRD960 (Version 1.0) 9/28/16 English SIL3 Certificate SRD960.pdf124.2 KB
    Certificates of conformity for SRD960 Universal Positioner (Version 1.0) 9/28/16 German,  English FD-CERT-PO-002.pdf741.7 KB
    Instruction Sheet
    MI EVE0109 A-(en) Master Instruction SRD960 Universal Positioner (Version 1.1) 7/14/18 English FD-MI-PO-001-EN.pdf4.9 MB
    Declaration of conformity
    CE Declaration of Conformity for SRD960 (Version 1.0) 4/28/16 German,  English FD-DECLA-PO-001.pdf136 KB
    Installation of the SRD990 in potentially explosive atmospheres for Zone 2 (Manufacturer Assertion) (Version 1.0) 4/28/16 German,  English FD-DECLA-PO-013.pdf230.7 KB
    ATEX-CENELEC-FM Certificates of conformity for SRD990 Analog Positioner (Version 1.0) 3/9/16 German,  English FD-DECLA-PO-012.pdf1.4 MB
    PC Drivers
    DD - SRD960, SRD991 - Intelligent Positioner - Foundation Fieldbus, FoxCom, HART, Profibus (Version 3.6.3) 1/14/19 English DTM_for_SRD_Release_3.6.3.zip26.3 MB
    DD - SRD960 - HART EDD for HHT375 - Hart Protocol (Version 1.0.1) 1/14/19 English Srd960-HCF-Ver1.0.1.zip194.5 KB
    DD files for SRD960  (Version 1.0) 1/14/19 English FD-SOFT-PO-016.zip118.4 KB
    DD - SRD991, SRD960 - Intelligent Positioner for ECEP_EP0315 - Hart Protocol (Version 3.5.1) 1/14/19 English DTM_for_SRD_Release_3.5.1_for_ECEP_EP0315.zip28.8 MB
    DD files for SRD960 (Version 1.0) 1/14/19 English FD-SOFT-PO-011.zip111.5 KB
    Technical leaflet
    Technical Instruction for Stainless Steel Housing for SRD991 and SRI990 (Version 1.0) 3/3/16 English FD-TL-PO-010-EN.pdf452.3 KB
    SRD960 with HART  (Version 1.0) 3/3/16 English FD-TL-PO-004.pdf712 KB
    SRD960 PROFIBUS- PA (Version 1.0) 3/3/16 English FD-TL-PO-005.pdf871.3 KB