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Foxboro's Valve Positioners

Valve Positioners and Accessories

Foxboro Positioners, easy to install, control and monitor on any type of pneumatic valve actuators with the highest diagnostic level. With a complete range of accessories, valves can be fully equipped and your process optimized at its best.

Foxboro's Valve Positioners
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Foxboro's Valve Positioners

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        Overview  |  FRS923  |  FRS02 / FRS03  |  FRS04 / FRS05
        FRS02 and FRS03
        FRS04 and FRS05
        Complete range of Filter Regulators

        The wide Foxboro by Schneider Electric offering includes several ranges of Filter Regulators to cover most of the application in Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper industries.
      • Standard flow rate or high flow rate (Cv3)
      • Filtration grades 30 µm or 5 µm
      • Aluminum or Stainless Steel housing
      • Use with pure oxygen, or natural gas
      • Extended temperature Range –50°C to +90°C (–58°F to +194°F) for FRS04-FRS05
      • Tapped exhaust that allows venting gas collection
      • NACE Compliant for FRS05
      • Direct mounting for SRD991, SRI990 and SRD960 by mean of short nipple
      • Suitable for all valve positioners as well as pneumatic instruments
      • Designed for all industries like Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper...

      Documents and Downloads (9)

      User guide
      Quick Guide FRS02 and FRS03 Filter Regulator (Version 1.0) 10/1/14 German,  English,  French FD-QG-PO-015-INT.pdf336.2 KB
      Quick Guide FRS923 Filter regulator (Version 1.1) 2/15/18 German,  English,  French FD-QG-PO-009-INT.pdf341.8 KB
      CAD drawing of VBS100 in STP Format (Version 1.0) 1/20/16 English FD-CAD-PO-031.stp2.6 MB
      Specification guide
      Product Specification Sheet: FRS04/FRS05 (Version 2.0) 6/15/18 English FD-PSS-PO-13-EN.pdf392.1 KB
      Product Specification FRS02 and FRS03 Filter Regulator (Version 3.0) 4/29/19 English FD-PSS-PO-12-EN.pdf524.3 KB
      Product Specification FRS923 Filter regulator (Version 3.0) 6/16/19 English FD-PSS-PO-11-EN.pdf162.4 KB
      Instruction Sheet
      Safety requirement ATEX for 139PP, P417, FRS923, FRS02, FRS03, LEXG-xx, VKXG-xN, VBS100 Series, VBS200 Series, VBS300 Series (Version 1.0) 10/1/14 English FD-SAFETY-002-EN.pdf292.2 KB
      Master Instruction FRS923 Filter regulator (Version 1.0) 12/1/99 English FD-MI-PO-008-EN.pdf113.8 KB
      Declaration of conformity
      CE Declaration of Conformity for FRS02 (Version 1.0) 11/16/09 German,  English FD-DECLA-PO-018.pdf119.9 KB
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