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AccuSine PFV+

The Schneider Electric solution for electronic reactive current compensation for specific and high performance solutions.

AccuSine PFV+ is a very simple and effective means to eliminate leading or lagging power factor, reduce voltage fluctuations enhance equipment operating life, and improve system power capacity. AccuSine PFV+ offers many features in one package that others require multiple models to accomplish. Power Factor correction with AccuSine PFV+ is worry-free and without the risk of resonance.

AccuSine PFV+
      • 5 products available

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          Schneider Eletric PCSPCT190X1000 Picture


          AccuSine+ auxiliary transformer - 5/1 - Step-down Transformer to 1 A
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          Schneider Eletric PCSPCT190X10005 Picture


          AccuSine+ auxiliary transformer - 1/5 - Step-up Transformer to 5 A
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          Schneider Eletric PCSPCT190X5000 Picture


          AccuSine+ auxiliary transformer - 5/5 - Isolation Transformer
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          Schneider Eletric PCSPCT190XSUM3 Picture


          AccuSine+ summing transformers - 5+5+5/5 - totalize 3 currents
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          Schneider Eletric PCSPCT190XSUM5 Picture


          AccuSine+ summing transformers - 5+5+5+5+5/5 - totalize 5 currents