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    Modicon M171/M172 Logic Controller

    Nano PLC with a focus on HVAC and pumping control solutions

    An economical solution for HVAC control and pumping control applications. These PLCs focus on control of HVAC, refrigeration and pumping systems with flexible scheduling, occupancy sensing and analog controls. The software is SoMachine HVAC, a powerful configuration software compliant with IEC 61131-3. (Not included with or related to SoMachine or SoMachine Basic.) M171 & M172 controllers can handle small to very large machines and can be networked to handle large systems.

    Modicon M171/M172 Logic Controller

    Modicon M171/M172 Logic Controller

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            TM171OD14R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Display 14 I/Os, 100-240Vac

            158.00 USD
          • Best price
            TM171OBM14R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Blind 14 I/Os Modbus 100-240Vac

            158.12 USD
          • Best price
            TM171ODM14R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Display 14I/O Modbus 100-240Vac

            174.74 USD
          • Best price
            TM171OB22R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Blind 22 I/Os

            154.99 USD
          • Best price
            TM171OBM22R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Blind 22 I/Os, Modbus

            167.28 USD
          • Best price
            TM171OD22R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Display 22 I/Os,

            170.20 USD
          • Best price
            TM171ODM22R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Display 22 I/Os, Modbus

            182.69 USD
          • Best price
            TM171ODM22S Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Display 22 I/Os, Modbus, 2 SSR

            197.48 USD
          • Best price
            TM171OF22R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Flush mounting 22 I/Os

            161.82 USD
          • Best price
            TM171OFM22R Picture


            Modicon M171 Optimized Flush mounting 22 I/Os, Modbus

            173.87 USD