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IFE Module

View and control electrical assets with the speed of Ethernet

The IFE Module enable LV circuit breakers to be connected to an Ethernet network. There are 2 reference parts for IFE Module. IFE interface provides an Ethernet access to a single LV circuit breaker. IFE switchboard server incorporates a modbus gateway and provides an Ethernet access to one or multiple circuit breakers, as well as multiple Modbus-SL connected devices.

IFE Module
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          Schneider Eletric LV434001 Picture


          Module IFE - Modbus TCP - No Gateway
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          Schneider Eletric LV434002 Picture


          Module IFE - Modbus TCP - Ethernet IP & MBSL
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          Schneider Eletric LV434000 Picture


          Enerlin'X IFM - Modbus-SL Interface for One Circuit Breaker