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Type HWA

HWA Series are surge suppressors and noise filters in compact and affordable packages which can be installed adjacent to power panels or directly on sensitive equipment in harshelectrical conditions.

Square D™ brand Surgelogic™ HWA surge protective devices are compact, nipple-mounted parallel-connected surge suppressors that come in a variety of voltage configurations, including Delta. HWA devices can be used in a network of surge suppression applications or as a stand-alone surge suppressor.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Type HWA
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          Schneider Eletric TVSHWAFMK Picture


          Flush Mounting Kit - Surgelogic - HWA

          180.00 USD

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          Schneider Eletric TVS12RMU Picture


          Monitor - TVSS - Remote

          788.00 USD