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    Type SDSA 3-Phase

    SDSA2040, 4040 & 3650 SPDs

    Square D™ brand Surgelogic™ SDSA 3-Phase products are compact and affordable Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) available in Wye and Delta configurations. SDSA 3-Phase SPDs offer a simple means to bring down initial surges to manageable levels and can offer additional value in a cascaded SPD system. Their compact design allows surge suppression to be installed adjacent to power panels or directly on sensitive equipment.

    Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
    Type SDSA 3-Phase

    Type SDSA 3-Phase

          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA3650 Picture


            SPD T1 SDSA 40KA 600V MAX 3P4W

            257.92 USD
          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA3650D Picture


            GEN SDSA 3650 DELTA

            257.92 USD
          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA3650E Picture


            Surge Protect - 40kA - 600VAC delta - 3P3W - T1
          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA2040 Picture


            Surge Protect - 40kA - 208Y/120VAC - 3P4W - T4X
          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA2040D Picture


            Surge Protect - 40kA - 240VAC delta - 3P3W - T4X
          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA4040 Picture


            Surge Protect - 40kA - 480Y/277VAC - 3P4W - T4X
          • Best price
            Schneider Eletric SDSA4040D Picture


            Surge Protect - 40kA - 480VAC delta - 3P3W - T4X