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Trio Licensed Radios

Ethernet and serial data radios

Designed to provide complete, versatile and reliable system solutions for long range wireless data communications in wide range of SCADA and telemetry applications.

Trio Licensed Radios schneider.label Ethernet and serial data radios
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Trio Licensed Radios

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        QH150 | QH450 Full Duplex Hot Standby Radio


        Trio Q Data Radios are advanced high speed licensed digital data radios, providing both Ethernet and serial communications for complex and demanding applications in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint (Multiple Address Radio) Telemetry and remote SCADA systems.

        Features such as ChannelShare+™ and web-based user configuration, together with powerful remote diagnostics and Network Management, make Trio Q Data Radios the complete licensed radio solution that works with leading host systems and remote equipment.

        Combining both Ethernet and serial connectivity, Trio Q Data Radios are suitable for use with the latest SCADA technology as well as providing a smooth transition from serial-based infrastructure to IP/Ethernet.

        As a compliment to the QR half duplex remote radio, the QH full duplex radio kit is ideal for deployment at base & repeater sites in systems using two frequency operation.

        In high duty-cycle applications, the QH delivers maximum rated transmitter power in ambient temperatures up to +70°C (158°F). Where 1+1 hot standby redundancy is not required, the full duplex QB radio is available.



      • VHF Frequency Band Operation: 135-175 MHz
      • UHF Frequency Band Operation : 400-450MHz and 450-518MHz
      • 12.5kHz and 25kHz channel operation in one radio model
      • User configurable transmitter output power up to 10 Watts
      • Coverage of common international frequency bands
      • Designed to meet international FCC & ETSI radio regulatory requirements
      • VSWR and over temperature protection
      • Operation over full -40°C to +70°C ambient temperature range
      • Automatic frequency offset compensation for years of service/calibration free operation

      • Ethernet

      • Transport of Ethernet/IP based protocols (including UDP, TCP, DHCP, ARP, ICMP, STP, IGMP, SNTP & TFPT)
      • Layer-2 Ethernet Bridge Mode & Layer-3 IP Router mode
      • Maximum narrowband channel utilization with smart peer-to-peer repeating, broadcast filtering and data compression
      • Network Address Translation for static NAT port forwarding
      • VLAN 802.1Q capable
      • SNMP access to radio diagnostics parameters (including alarm generation via traps)
      • Legacy RS-232 serial support via embedded terminal servers (UDP/TCP) and MODBUS/TCP gateway
      • Configuration via embedded HTTP, HTTPS web interface and/or
        Telnet/SSH/Serial console
      • Local and (one to N) broadcast firmware upgrades

      • Modem

      • Dynamic Speed Selection: QoS/RSSI based automatic speed selection
        (or fixed mode)
      • RF Data Rates: Up to 32kbps in a 12.5kHz Channel & 56kbps
        in a 25kHz ETSI Channels
      • ChannelShare+™: Advanced dynamic supervisory collision avoidance system
      • Compatible with the Trio E-Series and Trio M-Series Data radios (UHF only)

      • Security

      • Support for 256-bit AES encryption
      • Multi-User password-protected HTTP and HTTPS configuration/diagnostics management interface
      • Multi-User Password-protected Telnet, SSH and Serial console interface

      • Diagnostics

      • Compatible with the Trio TVIEW+ Diagnostics Network Management Software
      • Embedded error rate testing facilities
      • Diagnostics parameters available for Tx Power, RSSI, DC Supply Volts, Frequency Error, Temperature and VSWR
      • Embedded event and performance logs including time stamped data statistics and channel occupancy

      • Approvals

      • Europe (ETSI) : ETSI EN 300 113, EN 301 489, EN 60950, EN 50385 and EN 50383
      • FCC (North America) : FCC Part 15, Part 90 and IEC 60950
      • Industry Canada : IC RS119, ICES-001
      • Australia : ACMA AS4295-2004 (Data)

      • Full Duplex Radio Hot Standby QH150

      • Full duplex operation (100% duty cycle)
      • Ethernet link monitoring and shared IP address provides smart Ethernet redundancy
      • Remote monitoring, control and changeover of duplicated base/ repeater stations
      • Hot swappable modular 19” 3RU rack mount transceiver configuration
      • Automatic change-over
      • 11-30 V DC supply voltage
      • Digital Inputs & Outputs
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